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Collingham Station Adoption

Station Adoption

The Parish Council are continuing the work of the original Station Adopters and Friends of Collingham Station. Planters were provided by East Midlands Trains and will be maintained by the "Station Adopters". Additional planters have been requested from East Midlands Railway and it is hoped that these will be installed later this year.

If you have any ideas as to how the station area could be enhanced or wish to get involved please email

The primary role of Station Adopters is to keep the stations looking neat and tidy and attractive for the users. We also will liaise with the network operator (currently East Midlands Railways) on users' behalf to try and enhance the offering at the station.

  The remit of station adopters is that we can:

  • Paint structures and fixtures to cover graffiti
  • Gardening and landscaping
  • Litter picking / rubbish removal
  • Reporting of vandalism
  • Reporting of property faults
  • Take pride and satisfaction in continuing to help and develop our community

  We cannot:

  • Undertake repairs involving structural aspects of buildings/fixtures
  • Undertake any work involving track, signals or equipment
  • Undertake repairs to level crossing equipment
  • Work within 1.25m of the white line of platform edge
  • Undertake repairs to lighting, electrical fittings, gas or water
  • Work on the track itself