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A46 Newark Bypass Consultation

By Assistant Parish Clerk, Sarah Markall Collingham Parish

Tuesday, 19 January 2021


Collingham Parish Contributor


The A46 Newark Bypass Public Consultation ends on February 2nd.
Please ensure you make your voice heard. Further information and the consultation can be found at:
Please note the plan options are interchangeagble at the Farndon and Winthorpe ends.
See below drone footage with the overlay of the proposed route and it's new proximity to Winthorpe. (Option 2 Overlay)
Winthorpe residents are urging Highways to Think Again!
See the Winthorpe response here:
Winthorpe residents: "We believe NEITHER OPTION is suitable for Winthorpe and we're asking Highways England to: THINK AGAIN."

Please note that changes to the A46 around Newark will have a knock-on effect to all villages along the A1133 and alterations to "Winthorpe Roundabout" will impact on how Collingham residents join the A46. Do you believe the plans allow for traffic joining at the roundabout, what will be the impact on big show days, do you belive it will be better or worse managed?

Contact Information

Parish Clerks, Caron Ballantyne and Sarah Markall

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