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Could you consider fostering in 2023? Meet local foster carers, Maureen and Gary

By Parish Clerks, Caron Ballantyne and Mary-Ann Horley Collingham Parish

Wednesday, 25 January 2023


Collingham Parish Contributor


Foster carers Maureen and Gary have been fostering with Nottinghamshire County Council for over 25 years. They are keen to see more vulnerable children supported by loving families in 2023.

When asked why foster carers are so important, Maureen explained, “children need a family environment, they need to know that someone loves them. It is really important for children to have that support. The children we’ve fostered have now gone on to have families of their own and settle down. It is so rewarding to see them grow up. It’s a vocation and a passion. If you want to look after children and make a difference, the reward is fantastic.”

Maureen also emphasised the support that foster carers receive. She said, “you have a social worker working with you and the child has their own social worker too. You all work together. You are fully supported in every aspect at every stage, there is always someone there for you.”

Nottinghamshire County Council are looking for more foster carers to support local children. If you could provide a safe, loving, stable home environment, they want to hear from you! They are committed to providing great training, support and benefits to all foster carers.

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