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1 May 2018 - Positive Perceptions Shared

Following an email received by the Parish Council from a new resident, we would like to share with you their positive perceptions:

"I am relatively new to the village and I just wanted to share a couple of positive things

1) how lovely it was to walk for 3 miles through the village streets the other morning and be greeted in a friendly manner by every single person I came across! I would almost always share a 'good morning' but it was lifting to feel such warmth in the community towards me first.

2) I have been exploring public footpaths all around the built up areas and was amazed to come across beautiful areas of public gardens being tended.

3) the children in Collingham must be some of the luckiest and healthiest! The park facility continues to be outstanding. It is so nice to see the children playing (and always so cooperatively with one another) as they come out of school.

4) I contacted the Parish recently with a concern. The response I received was quick and supportive. Thank you.

I often feel people are not quick to acknowledge super stuff but grumble if they need! Positive perceptions shared."