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Contact Details and Site information

If you want to update any entry on the website, "Have your say", post a meeting, sell or buy something, or even just drop us a line to tell us what you like or dislike about the site, just email us or contact the Parish Clerk 893342

Collingham Website

The Collingham Website arose out of the Collingham Parish Plan, published in late 2005. Funded by a grant from Awards for All, the site was orignially built by Glowmedia and populated by a group of volunteers from Collingham Village. It’s aim is to facilitate communication in the village as well as providing a useful source of information on local matters.  The site was rebuilt in 2015 by the Parish Clerk, with the help and kind support of HugoFox.

Links to External Sites

Though there are many links to external sites on our website and we make every effort to ensure they are suitable for family viewing, Collingham Website cannot accept responsibility for the contents of external websites.


Most of the documents on this site have been produced in PDF as this is the universal format, which most people are able to access.  If you are unable to open the documents, please visit the Adobe site, where you will be able to download the software for free.