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White Poplar Felled at Village Centre

The Parish Council became aware of an problem with the White Poplar tree in the Village centre when undertaking the annual tree inspection. Most people will know this tree as the one with the Christmas lights in.

After seeking much advice on what the growths on the tree were and possible actions, the very difficult decision was made to have it removed completely.

The work was undertaken on Tuesday 25th January and took most of the day. The photos show the careful removal of the tree, by a qualified contractor. His professionalism and care throughout was very much appreciated, especially as he recovered all the lights from the tree, which are now being tested and stored for future use.

Whilst the work was underway, it became apparent that the right decision had been made as the tree was even more in danger of falling that had been envisaged. Some of the limbs were completely hollow and the main trunk was very soft except for the outside inch.

The Parish Council replanted a tree in 2018, once the ground had had an opportunity to rid itself of the fungus which is currently present and would damage any new tree.

We are currently investigating options for the lights this year.