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Five Pairs B Team 2016-17

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Connaught 'B' won at home against Banham on Monday 31 October by 45-43 in a first-leg match

Roy Taylor and Alison Rush won 11-9 against J Williamson and D Grey
Mike Minshull and Graham Benefer lost 8-12 against B Francis and C Clarke
Malcolm Southgate and Michael Marlow lost 5-12 against C Smith and M Tribe
Joyce Hazell and Jim Squire lost 5-9 against P Bertram and D Rolls
John Winup and Pat Benefer won 16-1 against J Delaney and V Hambling

Roy and Alison led 6-2 after 5 ends with only Roy of the 4 players showing good form and consistency. John Williamson, usually a devastating skip against Connaught 'B', was struggling in particular. Banham, especially at lead, got their act together more and Alison, a bit out of sorts with a cold, went off the rails somewhat. Connaught found themselves 8-9 down after 9 ends but rallied with 3 on the last end. Credit to Roy for holding things together

Mike and Graham had a good start to lead 7-4 after 6 ends with Graham almost dominating the match with accurate drawing at lead although Bill Francis at skip for Banham was coming more and more into it. As Banham's lead found the mat Graham wilted a bit and Mike had to save well on a couple of ends. At 8-8 after 9 ends Connaught needed a good last end but got the reverse with a dropped 4. Bad head reading contributed to that last end disaster

Malcolm and Michael had a bad start to go 0-5 down after 3 ends but eased their way back and a 3 on end 7 took them to 5-6. Sadly 3 x 2 were dropped on the final three ends as a more confident Banham pairing took control. Michael and Malcolm could not find the form they showed together at Banham the previous Wednesday and will hope for better things in the return

Joyce and Jim won 5 ends against the opposition's 5 but crucially scored just the 5 x 1 while conceding 2 x 3 and 3 x 1. Banham throughout were that bit tighter against two Connaught players who bowled some good woods individually but who also went awry at times.

John and Pat went into the last match with Connaught 29-42 down but turned it round spectacularly with a surprising 16-1 win against opposition who play regularly on the mat used. Both played very well. Pat's accuracy on the draw throughout put pressure on Val Hambling and John, mainly on the draw but with occasional weight as necessary, was able to put further pressure on Jim Delaney. A good exhibition of 2-wood pairs by the Connaught players

Connaught 'B' take a slender 2-shot lead with them for the 2nd leg at Banham on Wednesday 2 November. The Banham players were not at their best in this first leg and perhaps muttering about the slowness of the mat did not help them. You adjust to what is in front of you and most of them did that in fact by the second half of their matches. Even so Banham must be the happier of the two sides. The Connaught players must ramp up the concentration levels to give themselves a fighting chance in the return