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Men's EBA B Team 2016


Connaught B lost at home to Dickleburgh on 29th June losing by 50-69 and gaining a valuable point 1- 4

Rink 2. M Marlow, D Quadling, C Haylock and T Shoebridge lost 12-24 to P Wright.

Rink 3. G Benefer, R Adcock, C Barton and R Taylor lost 15-27 to D Shimell.

Rink 5 .P Wilson A Marshall J Overton M Watson won 23-18 against E Rainsthorne.

Rink 2.Were going very well up to the 16th end then dropping  11 shots in the remaining ends, we seem to lose our way in the last few ends, not just this game, but other occasions as well .

Rink 3. Not a happy night, 18-1 down after 8 ends, then a fight back to no avail going down against tough opposition.

Rink 5. 9-17 down after 15 ends then a terrific fight back by the whole team gaining 14 shots in the last 6 ends, gaining us a valuable point. Only 3 more games to go, lets gets some more points in the bank. 


Connaught B were away at Shotford on Wed 22 June losing 44--80 gaining a half point.

Rink 2. P Wilson, R Adcock, J Overton and M Watson drew 20--20 with D Ashfold.

Rink 3. D Quadling, G Sheridan, M Minshull and C Haylock lost 9--34 to S Ayres

Rink 4. M Marlow, G Benefer,  J Li-Rocchi and T Shoebridge lost 15--26 to M Bullock.

Rink 2. Never gave up on this rink, down 19--14 after 18 ends fought  back with two threes to take the lead into the last end, fine play by Richard with his first wood which was a toucher, but it was left exposed to be knocked off by the opposition. As hard as John and Mark tried they could not move the shot wood. Well done all.

Rink 3.They did turn up, only winning on 6 ends. The harder they tried the worse it got dropping 2/5 and a 6.

Rink 4.A tight game right up to the 18th end 15/18 only to drop a 3 and a 4 . Gave the opposition a fright.

Not a very good result, it was a night when it could have been different. But on the plus side we  did get half a point which is more than we did at home. You may recall that in my report when Shotford were the visitors they made some  uncomplimentary  remarks about the green, in my closing address I said good luck in winning the league at least you won't have to bowl on our rough green when you get promoted. This caused some laughter, all taken in good spirit.

Connaught B V Diss B

Connaught B were at home to Diss B June 15 gaining all 5 points 71--36

Rink 2. G Benefer R Adcock C Barton R Taylor won 22-14 against D Grogan.

Rink 3.M Minshull G Sheridan D Cushing C Haylock won 25-8 against P Kidd

Rink 4. D Quadling A Marshall J Li-Rocchi T Shoebridge  won 24-14 against R Capon

Rink 2. Took control of the game  from the start, in particular after end 10 not allowing the opposition to score much until the 20th end when we dropped a 4. Good all round effort.

Rink 3. This was the outstanding game only allowing the opposition to score on 7 ends all our 4 players fully up to it with Chris as skip leading from the front. Always good to have a really high scoring rink, could come in handy for the overall result .

Rink 4. Only behind twice in this game, the 1st and 10th end otherwise ahead on 19 ends which speaks  volumes, thanks to Alan stepping in after a late call off. Well done 

Well done Team, points in the bank is always a good bonus, three hard games coming up, but I'm sure we will all give a good account of ourselves . Let's have more volunteer drivers for the away games please.


Connaught B won at home to Thetford Staniforth B on Wed 8th June by 70-43 and 5-0

Rink 1. G Benefer, R Adcock, C Barton and R Taylor won 21-18against D Leigh.

Rink 2. P Wilson, A Marshall, J Overton and M Watson won 29-10 against D Kay.

Rink 3. M Minshull, G Sheridan, C Haylock and T Shoebridge won 20-15 against L Robinson

Rink 1. This was the most competitive  game on the night against their strongest rink, 18 all with one end to play we held our nerve to pick up a 3, well done to all four players.

Rink 2.Never in any doubt on the night, started really well adding with a 5 on the 4th end, after that the opposition never had a look in losing on 13 ends. Mark as skip backed up with Phil, Alan and John are going well this season.

Rink 3. Again as rink 1 a very tight game, behind 10-13 after end 13, pulled away after that first with a 2 then a 3 so well done.

A good all round performance, as it was my former club it was very pleasing. Very sporting team Thetford their Captain did go out of his way to say the green played  well so they had no excuse. Diss at home next week.


Connaught B were away at Scole on May 25th losing on all 3 Rinks 34-85 and gaining nil points.

Rink 2 P Wilson, C Barton, J Overton and M Watson lost 14-26 to S Bartram

Rink 3 M Minshull, G Sheridan, D Cushing and C Haylock lost 11-34 to R Frosdick

Rink 5 M Marlow, D Quadling, J Li-Rocchi and T Shoebridge lost 9-25 to D Aldous

Not a very good day at the office. I will not comment this week on any one rink, sufficient to say one rink only scored on 5 ends the other one managed 7. Apart from that, their team made us welcome, all had plenty to talk about after the game, we live to fight  another day. Thanks to Colin Barton standing in for Alan who had a family illness. Next Wed ( June 1" ) we have a bye but those who would like a game please be down the club house before 6 30 pm. All Welcome


Connaught B entertained Wym Dell C  at home Wed 18th May winning 88 shots to 35 gaining all 5 points.

Rink 1. G Benefer R Adcock C Barton R Taylor won 24---22. A Gaze

Rink 2. M Marlow D Quadling J Li-Rocchi C Haylock won 34---7. R McKay

Rink 3. P Wilson A Marshall J Overton M Watson won 30---6.  R Butcher.

Rink 1. Never in any danger that we might loose this one, we went off the boil from the 17th end allowing them to score 9 shots all played there part, the combination seems  to be working well, still room to improve .

Rink 2. A real  fine show all round, we got the green the opposition were nowhere,  we won on 15 ends which  tells the story. Winning the Captains prize, Chis was told by Joe you know you have to share the winnings with the rest of the winning rink.

Rink 3. Another big effort all round  John Overton is proving his worth in our team, again the opposition did not score on   16 ends . Just goes to show my little team talk last week  paid  off.

Not too many complaints from the Dell about the green, good all round  crowd, knowing several of them over the years. Away next week, still would like more to volunteer  to use there transport.

Thanks' to all the supporters who were cheering on the team 


Connaught B were away to Dickleburgh May 11th losing on all rinks with the result 47-80.and 0-5

Rink 2. M Marlow, D Cushing, J Li-Rocchi, M Watson. Lost 13-25 to G Seaman

Rink 4. D Branch, M Minshull, G Sheridan, C Haylock. Lost 18-24 to P Wright

Rink 5. G Benefer, C Barton, R Adcock, R Taylor. Lost 16-31 to E Ronsthorne.

 Rink 2.Never recovered after dropping a 6 on the 3rd end, picked up on the last 3 ends scoring a total of 6 shots by then it was too late.

 Rink 4. This is the one rink that we should have won,10 shots up after 5 ends, dropped a 5 then a 4 on the next two ends which didn't do us much good, even going for the rest of the game, apart from the 18th end when we dropped a 4, that was the turning point of the game. 

Rink 5. Roy's rink were up against it dropping a 4 on 6 ends takes a lot to contend with, also not scoring on 13 ends is hard to take. But they never gave up, keep trying the rewards will come.

A very pleasant evening the green bowled well, they are a small club in numbers but  a strong team who will be up there at the end of the season. I had the chance after the meal (which was delicious) to remind our team not to get despondent after a second 5 point losing run. Bowls is about a game on a Wed night with pleasant company a drink and a safe journey home. Winning is nice, but take the losing on the chin.
Just a big thank you to Michael Marlow who has donated three score card holder for our team.


 Connaught EBA B. Entertained Shotford  May 4th losing on all rinks  with the result 58 to 40 and 0-5  .

 Rink 1. P Wilson, A Marshall, J Overton and M Watson Lost 12-20 Against D Ashfield.

 Rink 2. G Benefer, D Cushing, R Adcock and R Taylor Lost 15-19 Against M Bullock.

 Rink 3. B Osborne, M Minshull, G Sheridan and C Haylock Lost 13-19 Against E Frost.

 Rink 1, Trying out a new combination with Mark moving up to skip and John moving to 3, Intend to stick with it for a while . Not much to say about the game itself, holding our own 11 each at end 15 but only managed a 1 on the last end

 Rink 2. This was a close game, but with more and more woods in front of the jack difficult for the skip to make an impression.

 Rink 3. No great escape for Chris this week, 9 shoots down after 6 ends, but only losing in the end by 6 which with his block of new players was a good effort. The amusing part of the evening was when the Shotford players ( who arrived early) all stood behind the fence at the carpark end all I could  see were their heads above the fence obviously having a detailed discussion about the green. 

 A few  uncomplimentary comments were made after the refreshments reference the green, but they did go away with all the points.

Apart from that all seemed ok during the game and afterwards.


 Connaught B started their EBA season with a visit to Diss B on a very cold but dry evening with a very good result winning 56-51 and gaining 3.5 to 1.5 points

 Rink 1. Phil Wilson. John Overton, Mark Watson and Alan Marshall lost to R Capon 12-22 

 Rink 2. Michael. David Quadling, Joe Li-Rocchi and Terry Shoebridge won 24-9 D Grogan

 Rink 3. Barry Osborne, Mike Minshull, George Sheridan and Chris Haylock drew 20-20 P Kidd.

 On Rink 1. Never really got going but they were up against a strong  Diss rink,  can only get better, maybe waiting for the warm weather to arrive.

 On Rink 2.It was a welcome back Terry, playing a major part with his rink to win our first full point, they all played their part, in particular Michael with his long jacks backed up  by Joe and David. They of course won the Capt prize. The opposition only managed to win 6 ends.

 On Rink 3. A complete new block with Chris at the helm never gave up, behind until the very last end down 20/18 but managed to get a 2 making it a draw. Very well done, Mike and Barry this was I believe there first EBA game.  George was a steady influence at number 3.

 Home to Shotford next week, a few team changes just trying to get the right balance. Now that we have lost Jim Squire who use to help get the green equipment out , looking for help in that department.Only five away games left but please share the driving. I don't want the same people using their cars.Look forward to the next match. Dennis.