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Five Pairs A Team 2016-17

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BRECKLAND CONNAUGHT A & B FIVE PAIRS 2016-16 - Welcome to Connaught Bowls Club Website


Connaught lost the final to Wymondham held at Shropham on Thursday 30th March by 37-48. 

         Pair 1 Diana Adcock and Sylvia Parsons lost to B.Barker and J.Pye 5-13 

         Pair 2 Mike Parsons and Joe LiRocchi lost to P.Saunders and D.Sparham 7-9 

         Pair 3 Dave Quadling and Bob Oatway drew with R.Steele and C.Mann 6-6 

         Pair 4 Di Quadling and Owen Secker lost to M.Barker and M.Linsdell 8-11 

         Pair 5 Jack Marshall and Lee Fallows beat J.Jefferey and J.Sparham  11-9 

Diana and Sylvia took 2 on the 1st end and lost the next 4 ends by 2x2's and 2x3's before getting a single on end 6, losing the next 2 ends by 2 and 1 put the game out of reach and a consolation singe on the last 2 ends reduced the deficit to 8 shots. Won 4 ends  

Mike and Joe played well and were 4-1 up after 5 ends and we thought the game was at last going in our favour, but alas not to be as they dropped a 4 on the next end, a single put the game level at 5 all and lost 3 on the next end. a 2 on the 9th put them 1 behind but could not hold on to shot as Wymondham scored a single. Won 6 ends 

Dave and Bob played well against Roger and Chris most scored on either side was a 2 Won 5 ends  

Di and Owen combined well to lead 3-1 after 3 ends but a loose end saw them drop a 4 fought back well to lead 8-7 with and end to play, holding 3 with Mark having last wood he elected to fire with disastrous consequences for Connaught as he took all our woods off the mat to leave him and Melvyn holding 4 won 5 ends. 

Last up were Jack and Lee with a bit of a hill to climb  but the attempted to do it and were 5-1 up after 4 ends, a good shot by Jon put paid to that as he drew the jack back for a count of 3 and followed by a 2 on the next end, knowing the ends were running out and in an attempt to get shots Lee tried to tack the jack back but only scored a single effectively ending the game as we needed 13 shots and only 12 available. Won 6 ends 

Very pleased to have given Wymondham a game this year instead of the massive defeat last year in the final. 

Thanks to all supporters who came to watch and to Shropham for hosting and the excellent refreshments


Connaught A won away at Harling Unicorns on Wednesday 1st February by 45-36 in the 1st leg match.

          Pair 1 Mike Parsons and Joe LiRocchi won 8-7 against  L.Chilvers and N.Batteley

          Pair 2 Diana Adcock and Sylvia Parsons lost 9-10 to C.Jones and E Jones.         

          Pair 3  Dave Quadling and Bob Oatway won 8-7 against M.Tarrant and M.Tarrant

          Pair 4   Di Quadling and Owen Secker won 12-5 against B.Knappett and A.Snelling

          Pair 5   Jack Marshall and Lee Fallows won 8-7 against V.Hester and M.Cunningham

Mike and Joe won a tight game 3-0 down after 2 ends 4-4 after 5 ends 5-5 after 7 ends and 7-7 with an end to play taking a single on the last end.

Diana and Sylvia started well to lead 5-1 after 4 ends 8-2 after 6 ends, and 9-3 after 8 ends ,but then a fight back from the Jones's saw the lose a 3 and a 4 to lose by 1 shot. Overall score level.

Dave and Bob found themselves being outplayed by excellent woods from the Tarrants and were 7-1 down after 5 ends, then got to grips with the mat and won all remaining ends to win by 1 shot. 1 up overall.

Di and Owen got off to a flyer taking 4 on the first end and a 3 on the 3rd end 8-6 after 6 ends and only dropped a 2 on the last end 8 shots up overall.

Jack and Lee scored the first 2 ends by doubles then hit a bad patch losing 3 ends albeit by singles to lead 4-3 after 5 ends 8-4 up after 9 ends a dropped 3 cut the win to 1 shot. 9 shots up overall

A good game well played by both sides, Mat 1 is tricky mat with straight lines and a wide swing on the other, so well pleased to come away with a 9 shot advantage

Connaught 'A' won away at Banham on Wednesday 7th December by 47-32 in the first-leg match

  • Pair 1 Diana Adcock and Sylvia Parsons won 11-5 against D Grey and J Williamson
  • Pair 2 Mike Parsons and Joe Li-Rocchi won 10-6 M Tribe and J Delaney
  • Pair 3 David Quadling and Sheila Bragg lost 5-8 to C Smith and B Francis
  • Pair 4 Diane Quadling and Owen Secker won 12-6 against P Bertram and V Hambling
  • Pair 5 Jack Marshall and Lee Fellows won 9-7 against C Clarke and W Hoggan

Diana and Sylvia both drew well to led 4-1 after 3 ends with only John Williamson accurate heavy last bowl on end 4 to take out the 3 held by Connaught and score 1, Diana and Sylvia responded with a 3 on the fifth end and 2 on the sixth to made the score 9-2 Good woods byJohn Williamson on 6th and 7th ends reduced Connaught’s lead to 9-4 the last ends ended 2-1 to Connaught and a 11-5 win 

Mike and Joe made a good start to lead 4-3 against a good response from Banham, Connaught started to dominating the match with accurate drawing although Jim Delaney at skip for Banham was keeping Connaught shots down to 1 an end and the score to 8-3 by the 8th end, Banham won the last two ends by 2 shots to1 resulting in a 10-6 win to Connaught

David and Sheila found themselves in a battle against Carol and Bill, Bill played some very good drawing last woods to be 6 shots to Connaught’s 2 by the 6th end although Sheila responded well to curtail Banhams shots to ones and twos, Sheila interrupted Banhams accurate play with a 2 on the seventh but the last 3 ends saw Connaught score 1 shot to 2 to go down 5-8  

Diane and Owen both found the line and weight of the mat from the start with Val and Peggy struggling to match Connaught’s good start to be 7-0 down by 5th end, but on the next 4 ends the game changed with Val and Peggy winning the ends by scoring 6 shots to Connaught’s 1 Diane and Owen then hit back with a 4 on the last end to win 12-6

Jack and Lee like Diane and Owen found the line and weight of the mat from the start to be 6-1 up, but again the game changed with Will Hoggan starting to draw well scoring 2 on the 7 and 8th ends to be only one shot down at 6-5 Connaught again responded with a 3 on the 9th but lost the last end to finish 9-7

Connaught 'A' take a reasonable15 shot lead into the 2nd leg at home on Monday 12 December

Connaught A

1st Round 2nd leg

Connaught A 44 Carleton Rode 34

Connaught A win overall by 3 shots

1st pair Diana Adcock and Sylvia Parsons beat J.Davidson and R Davidson 13-1

2nd Pair Mike Parsons and Owen Secker lost to M.Taylor and T.Newby 5-12

3rd Pair Bill Adcock and Sheila Bragg beat T.Taylor and N.Davidson 10-9

4th Pair Elaine and Bob Oatway beat G.Coleman and G.Mobbs 9-6

5th Pair Jack Marshall and Lee Fallows beat P.Rush and K.Newby 7-6

Diana and Sylvia stormed to a great win Diana leading well and Sylvia with a combination of good drawing woods and accurate weighted woods gave us a great lead of +5 overall

Mike and Owen struggled against an in form pair but held on and only 3 shots down with an end to play unfortunately dropping a 4 put us - 2 overall

Bill and Sheila 5- 3 up after 5 ends 8-9 down with an end to play a 2 on the last end -1 overall

Elaine and Bob played well and did have some luck as Grahams shots did not come off for him 9-4 with an end to play a dropped 2 on the last + 2 overall

Jack and Lee, unlike the away leg had a 2 shot advantage to protect some great shots by Lee kept the game tight and with Jack in the latter stages drawing well 7-4 after 8 ends, 2 single to Carleton Rode meant we had won

A great team performance well done Connaught A

1st Round 1st leg

Carleton Rode 42 Connaught A 35

1st Pair Bill Adcock and Sheila Bragg lost to P.Rush and R.Davidson 3.12

2nd Pair Mike Parsons and Owen Secker lost to M.Taylor and T.Newby 4-11

3rd Pair Elaine and Bob Oatway beat J.Davidson and K.Newby 12-6

4th Pair Diana Adcock and Sylvia Parsons lost to T.Taylor and G.Mobbs 6-10

5th Pair Jack Marshall and Lee Fallows beat G.Coleman and K.Buck 10-3

Bill and Sheila opened with a two but that was as good as it got until the last end when they scored a single.

Mike and Owen were 3-3 after 4 ends and 4-4 after 6 ends then did not score anymore.

Elaine led very well for Bob, in what was the best leading of the night, leaving him little to do , a converted shot of 1 down to 3 up on end 6 gave them hope of a win and another conversion on end 8, where they scored a 4, kept Connaught's hopes alive.

Diana and Sylvia had the tightest of games 3-3 after 5 ends 5-3 up after 7 ends then a dropped 3 saw them behind and a single on the 9th end put them all square at 6-6, unfortunately they dropped a 4 on the last end.

Jack and Lee up last, were chasing a 14 shot deficit and  both played well to reduce the shots to just -7 into the home leg, although they did cause some concern with just Lee's last wood to come and they were 4 down, but a perfect draw from Lee saw them take shot to the relief of all.

A 7 shot deficit going into the home leg, whilst not good, is not insurmountable and with concentration we can turn this around