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South Norfolk League 2016-17

connaughtbowlsclub South Norfolk League

SM South Norfolk League 2016-17


Connaught  lost at home to Horsford on 13-March 2017 by 52-56 and 4-6

Rink 1 Dave Quadling, David Flatt and Sheila Bragg won 10-8 against D Gaskin, D Davitt and V Webster 

Rink 2 Mike Smail, Malcolm Southgate and Mike Minshull lost 10-17 to L Frank, R Dix  and R Frank    10  -  17

Rink 1 Di Quadling, Carolina Li-Rocchi  and Jo Li-Rocchi  won 18-15 against M Kemp,  M Dale and P Fox

Rink 2 Brenda Cox, Alison Rush  and Owen Secker lost 14-16 to A Drumee, S Fox  and C Woodhouse


Connaught lost  away to Hingham on the 9th March by 49-52 and 4-6

Rink 1 Mike Parsons, Malcolm Southgate and Mike Minshull won15-10 against C Powell, J Chapman and G Tweed

Rink 2 Diane Quadling, Carolina Li-Rocchi and Jo Li-Rocchi  won 13-10  against P Chapman, J Hunter and M Hunter

Rink 1 Mike Smail, Sylvia Parsons and Owen Secker lost 13-17 to W Townsend, K P Groombridge and J Higgs  

Rink 2 Michael Marlow, David Quadling and David Flatt lost 8-15 to W Tweed, C Harris and K Thomas


Connaught won at Saxlingham on 13 Feb 17 by 57-50 and 6-4

Rink 1 Brenda Cox, Alison Rush and Owen Secker lost 13-15 to D Beamish, M Beamish and J Torbitt

Rink 2 Mike Smail,   Malcolm Southgate and Mike Minshull lost 10-11 to P Merle, D Linford and S Hook

Rink 1 Carolina Li-Rocchi, David Flatt and Jo Li-Rocchi won 16-10 against R Frond, M McClusky and P Cooke

Rink 2 Diane Quadling, Dave Quadling and Sheila Bragg won 18-14 against J Torbitt, D Linford and A Banham


Connaught lost away to Diss on 15 February by 52-60 and 2-8

Rink 1 Brenda Cox, Alison Rush and David Flatt lost 11-15 to J Davidson. J Skeat and K Buck

Rink 2 Di Quadling, Jack Marshall and Jo Li-Rocchi won 20-10 against C Smith, G Coleman and B Francis

Rink 1 Mike Smail, Malcolm Southgate and Mike Minshull lost 10-19to M Taylor, A Bird and T Newby


Connaught B won away at Wreningham on 16th January  51-49 and 8-2hg

Rink 1 Mike Smail, Malcolm Southgate, and Sylvia Parsons lost 5-16 to Chris Musk, Ty Musk and D Bunn

Rink 2. Michael Marlow, Alison Rush and David Flatt won 16-14 against P Howard, R Kidd and K Bunn

Rink 1 Brenda Cox, Di Quadling and Owen Secker won 15-9 against. G Kidd, C Moore and G Atter    

Rink 2 Dave Quadling,  Mike Parsons and  Sheila Bragg won 15-10 against M Reynolds,  M Reynolds and  G Adcock

SM South Norfolk League 2016-17


Connaught lost away to Hempnall on the 9th January 2017 by 35-62 shots and 2-8 points 

Rink 1 B Cox, M Parsons and S Bragg lost 5-20 to A Jones, R Parker and N Davidson

Rink 2 Di Quadling, M Southgate and M Minshull won 14 -3 L against Crowe, B Choden and R Cranston       

Rink 1 A Rush, Dave Quadling and Owen Secker lost 6-16 against B Smith, L Cranston and P Baker

Rink 2 C Li Rocchi, S Parsons and J Li Rocchi 10 13 C Stevenson M Pearce Harrowing  


Connaught won against Hingham on the 28 Nov 2016 by 59-44 and 8-2

Rink 1 Mike Smail,  Malcolm Southgate and  Mike Minshull  won 18-7 against C Short, T Curry Smith  and E Herbert

Rink 2 Di Quadling, Mike Parsons and Sheila Bragg  won 13-12 against W Townsend,  K Thomas  andJ Higgs

Rink 1 Dave Quadling, Sylvia Parsons and Jo Li-Rocchi  won 19-11 against J Capell, J Hunter and M Hunter

Rink 2 Brenda Cox, Alison Rush and Owen Secker  lost 9-14 to W Tweed, G Tweed  and P Groombridge


Connaught won at home to Diss on 9/11/16 drawing 50-50 on shots but won 7-3 on points 

Rink 1 Brenda Cox, Alison Rush and Owen Secker won 15- 14 against Colin Smith, J Skeat and K Buck 

Rink 2 Dave Quadling, Mike Parsons and Sheila Bragg won 11-8 against A Buckingham, G Coleman and B Francis

Rink 1 Diane Quadling, Jack Marshall and Sylvia Parsons lost 11-17 to M Taylor, A Biddulph and T Newby

Rink 2 Mike Smail, Jo Li-Rocchi and Mike Minshull won 13-11 against P Rush, A Bond and T


Connaught lost away to Horsford on 7/11/2016 by 47-65 and 1-9

Rink 3 Carolina Li-Rocchi, Diane Quadling lost 12-18 to R Hart,  Jo Turner and M Tuttle  

Rink 4 Mike Smail, Mike Parsons and Mike Minshull lost 11-13 to B Jermy, D Foster and R Francis

Rink 3 Michael Marlow, Alison Rush and Jo L- Rocchi lost 10-20 to D Gaskin, M Dale and V Webster

Rink 4 Dave Quadling, Sylvia Parsons and Owen Secker drew 14-14 with J Proctor, R Dix and P Fox


Connaught won against Saxlingham on 18th Oct By 82-37 and 8-2 (rearranged from 24th October)

Rink 1 Mike Smail, Malcolm Southgate and Mike Minshull  won 19-13 against P Cook,  M Razell

Rink 2 Carolina Li-Rocchi, Peter Hambling and David Flatt lost 11-12 to P Meal, M Hobbs and G Briggs

Rink 1 Brenda Cox, Alison Rush and Owen Secker won 30-5 against N Banham, M McClusky and A Banham

Rink 2 Di Quadling, Jo L-Rocchi  and Sheila Bragg won 22-7 against A Payne, D Linford and  G Payne


Connaught won away against Wreningham on 13th October by 54-45 and 6-4

Rink 1 Mike Marlow, Di Quadling and David Flatt  won 14-9 against C Musk, C Moore and D Bunn

Rink 2 Mike Parsons, Mike Smail and Mike Minshull won 21-7 against P Howard,  R Kidd  and T Musk

Rink 1 Jack Marshall, Sylvia Parsons and Malcolm Southgate lost 12-16 to G Kidd, S Sayers and  K Bunn 

Rink 2 Dave Quadling, Alison Rush  and Owen Secker lost 7-13 to M Reynolds, M Reynolds and  G Adcock

Difficult Mats so I was very pleased to come out with a win.


Connaught lost at home against Hempnall  on Monday the 3rd October by 35-76 and 4-6

Rink 1 Peter Hambling,  Sylvia Parsons and  Jo Li-Rocchi  won 12-11 against L Cranston,  Joan Cann  and Paul Baker

Rink 2 Brenda Cox,  Alison Rush and  Owen Secker lost 4-23 to Alan Jones, R Cranston and Roger Parker

Rink1 Carolina Li-Rocchi,  David Flatt and Sheila Bragg won 17-14 against Colin Stevenson, Mike Pearce and Jack Pye

Rink 2 Mike Minshull,  Malcolm Southgate and  Mike Parsons lost 2-28 to Kerry Greenacre, Bernie Cudden and Neil Davidson

I was very impressed with Sheila's block who played well against an England skip.

Jo's  block had a tight game but managed to come out within a win

Unfortunately the other blocks tried their best but were completely out bowled.

4-6 Against Hempnall was a good result