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Tens League 2016

connaughtbowlsclub Tens League 2016

Tens Team


We lost 0-4 and 33-77 on shots

Mat 1 Carolina Li-Rocchi, Mike Minshull and Joe Li-Rocchi lost to J.Smith, Ray Lamb and S Warnes 9-17

Mat 2 Di and Dave Quadling lost to R Walker and K Cooke 9-22

Mat 1 Alison Rush, Malcolm Southgate and David Flatt lost to D Knights, S Lamb and S Warnes 8-19

Mat 2 Elaine and Bob Oatway lost to Rob and David Lamb 7-19


We lost 0-4 and 42-83 on shots

Mat 1 Di Quadling, Mike Minshull and Malcolm Southgate lost to Jean Woods, N.Willard and J.Turner 9-16

Mat 2 Diana and Bill Adcock lost to Jason Woods and S.Willies 8-24

Mat 1  Elaine and Bob Oatway lost to J.Forster and G.Best 16-19

Mat 2 Carolina Li-Rocchi, Dave Quadling and Joe Li-Rocchi lost to E.Willies, S.Bridge and M.woods 9-24

Mat 1 started well to lead 5-1 after 3 ends but that was as good as it got as the Carter pairing found their line and length to deny us any chance of scoring, a 3 on end 13 was the only time we scored. Won 3 ends

Mat 2 again started well 7-4 up after 5 ends, then again as mat 1 the Carter triple found their line and length, and it was a repeat on mat 1 only scoring again on the 13 end. won 5 ends

Mat 1 Again started well to lead 8-2 after 4 ends then slipped to 8-10 after 7 ends, regained the lead 12-10 after 9 ends losing the next 2 ends by single shot 12-12 after 11 ends. 14-12 after 12 ends but then dropped 7 shots over the next 2 ends to be 14-19 1 end to play a consolation 2 on the last made the score look a little better. All 4 played well, but when we slipped up the class showed and we were punished for it. Won 7 ends

Mat 2 Also started well,7-4 up after 5 ends but as with the other two games could not stop the scoring, even repeating scoring on the 13th end as the others did. won 4 ends.

Bob Carter is always going to be a tough game and so it proved but we keep battling on Well played Carter, thoroughly deserved win


We lost 0-2 and 46-53 on shots

           Mat 1 Diana Adcock, Bill Adcock and Malcolm Southgate lost to D.Lamb, R.Walker and S.Warnes 8-10

           Mat 2 Mike Smail and Mike Minshull lost to R.Lamb and D Lamb 6-25

           Mat 1 Carolina LiRocchi, Alison Rush and Joe LiRocchi beat R.Lamb, R.Amos and M.Warnes 14-11      

           Mat 2 Elaine and Bob Oatway beat D.Knights and K.Cooke 18-7

First half on mat 1 were up against Robbie and David in fine form and again despite holding on numerous occasions were denied the shots, won 4 ends

On mat 2had a much closer game 3-3 after 5 ends and went into the lead 6-5 after 9 ends, still leading after 12 ends 8-6 but as so often happens lost the last 3 ends to lose a good game, all players did well. Won 7 ends.

After the break and facing a shot deficit of -21 we settled down to try and reduce, and did so Mat 1 after being 3-9 down after 7 ends won the next 3 ends to be 9-9 losing a single on the 11th end then hit back with a single and 3 to lead 13-10 the last 2 ends were shared by a single shot each, won 8 ends.

Mat 2, 1-5 down after 5 ends then putting a short jack in took the next 3 ends to lead 7-5 a 2 against on end 10 score 7-7, recovered well to win the remaining ends to win and cut the shots down so as to only lose by the 2 points. Keith did have some very hard luck in his shots which went against him. Won 10 ends

A good game well played by al


We lost  0-4 and 34-75 on shots

  • Mat 1 Alison Rush, Dave Quadling and Joe LiRocchi beat C.Stevenson,J.Cann and R.Cranston 16-12
  • Mat 2 Mike Smail and Mike Minshull lost to R.Parker and N.Davidson 2-30
  • Mat 1 Elaine and Bob Oatway lost to L.Cranston and P.Baker 9-20
  • Mat 2  Di Quadling, Bill Adcock and Malcolm Southgate lost to B.Cudden, M.Pearce and R.Harrowing 7-13

First half action was shared but lost on shots by a big margin as the pairing of the two Mikes despite holding several times could not stop Roger and Neil from a runaway score line. Joe's triple faired better, getting the better of the Hempnall triple, winning 9 ends.

After the break and with the knowledge that we needed to contain shots unfortunately it did not happen as Bob & Elaine started well but faded and struggled. Malcolm in his first Tens game did well with the support of Di and Bill 6-6 after 9 ends but lost the remaining ends 7-1.

Well played Hempnall


We lost 0-3 and 54-44 on shots

  • Mat 1 Diana and Bill Adcock lost to Teresa and Selwyn Goldsmith 10-15
  • Mat 2 Di Quadling, Alison Rush and Mike Minshull lost to B.Barker, M.Barker and T.Newby 9-10
  • Mat 1 Carolina Li-Rocchi, Dave Quadling and Joe Li-Rocchi beat S.Brown, J.Costello and J.Brown 15-13
  • Mat 2 Elaine and Bob Oatway lost to Carol and John Aggas 10-16

First half saw tight games with Bill and Diana 9-5 up after 11 ends then a dropped 5 and a single saw them lose the lead, a single on the penultimate end they were 10-10, unfortunately for them they dropped a 5 and were disappointed to lose, on the other mat the game was also tight 5-5 after 6 ends and again the scores were level with and end to play, after a measure it was 1 shot to Kirby and we were 6 shots down on the game.

After the break Joe's triple found themselves up against it and were 2-12 down after 9 end s, then came a miraculous recovery as they scored 13 shots on the next 5 ends to lead 15 -12 with and end to play a single to Kirby increased their lead to 7. Bob & Elaine had a battle on their hands with Carol and John and were 10-5 down after 8 ends then 10-10 after 10 ends, but that was as good as it got and they never scored again.

A disappointing result knowing that we can play better, but all credit to Kirby who played well



We won 4-0 and 71 36 on shots

  • Mat 1 Alison Rush, Jack Marshall and Mike Minshull beat M.Williamson, A.Cutting and J.Vincent 23-8
  • Mat 2 Diana and Bill Adcock lost to R.Cox and D.Sharpe10-16
  • Mat 1  Elaine and Bob Oatway beat E.Hatward and P.Williamson 15-8
  • Mat 2 Carolina Li-Rocchi, Mike Smail and Joe Li-Rocchi beat G.Bunn, P.Bunn and A.Bunn 23-4

A good result to start the season