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Rising infection rates of Covid-19 locally and across the UK, has led to many areas being placed on higher levels of restrictions. Cosgrove and the rest of Northamptonshire are moved into Tier 4 from New Year's Eve, joining Milton Keynes and the rest of Buckinghamshire. This means that many facilities and non essential stores have to close, to try and reduce the rate of infection. 

Staying away from other people, regularly washing hands and wearing face masks, helps restrict the spread of the virus. Don't forget, some people who test positive, don't experience symptoms, but can infect anyone they come into close contact with. 

The vaccination is becoming available very soon, with those most vulnerable being prioritised. This provides reassurance that the current restrictions will not be for ever and taking extreme care now will help save lives and ease the burden on our overloaded NHS.

For details of the latest Government guidelines visit: what you need to know

Community Larder Scheme November/December 2020

The South Oxfordshire Food & Education Alliance (SOFEA) Community Larder Scheme has been re-established for this second lockdown period.  Those that need food are provided with a weekly package containing a pre made box of food, a bag of pre made fruit and veg (if available) and a loaf of bread (if available).

The scheme is open to any and all households in Cosgrove that are unable to get out for food supplies, or unable to pay for them due to the impact of Covid-19, and therefore would meet the criteria (Health/Economic) to receive a weekly food package.  There is no requirement to be a member at this time although individual household details will need to be provided to SOFEA prior to their first package.  Food is delivered on a Tuesday each week.

If you would like to receive a food package then please download and complete the attached membership form.  Please include as much detail as you can and then get the form, or a copy, to or call him on 07428 199366 to arrange collection.  Digory is coordinating the notifications to SOFEA and deliveries across the Parish

To seek assistance from the voluntary Community Support Group, see the attached information from the Parish Council.

SOFEA Community Larder Membership Application form File Uploaded: 13 November 2020 128.2 KB
Volunteers Digory and son Torin collecting and distributing food parcels for the community Volunteers Digory and son Torin collecting and distributing food parcels for the community