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Croft Bowling Club Trophy Winners 2019


Penrice Trophy (President v Vice President)

President's Team (D Alexander)

Monday Aggregates

R Forster

Gent's Friday Triples

D Alexander, C Donaldson, J Lapraik, A Wood

Copeland Indoor Cup

D Biggadike, D Taylor, M Collins

Friday Indoor Trophy

H Crosby

Audrey Greenslade Trophy

A Donaldson

Ladies Austinwren

F Dixon

Ladies v Gents (Top Rink)

A Sloan, T Edmondson, R Denwood

Maurice Graham Trophy

M Murray

The Millennium Trophy

D Biggadike, J Denwood

Keith Buckley Trophy

D Alexander, A Sloan, N Highton

Clem Chester Trophy

D Biggadike, J Denwood

Derwent Trophy

D Alexander

Tom Starkie Cup

S Owens, N Highton, W Byers

Rose Bowl

K Regardsoe, J Lapraik

President's Cup

H Casson, M Crozier, P Brown

Jackson Little Cup

D Biggadike

Croft Cup

P Brown

The Celebration Trophy

M Murray, J Denwood, N Highton

Croft Tournament Triples

S Owens, S Tauber, I Brannan

The Cocker Cup

T Dixon, I Murray, D Pattinson

The Partridge Trophy

S Owens, J Denwood, J Graves

Town Pairs

C Eastwood, S Tweedie

Bob Gibb Trophy

E. Byers

Ladies Green Champion

P Sloan

Gent's Green Champion

H Crosby