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Archive 2020-2021

2020 & 2021 were very much COVID-19 pandemic/lockdown-affected seasons, although some competitive bowling against other teams did take place during 2021, albeit on a non-trophy basis, and in 'western area' divisions format, rather than pan-P&D, as far as the Ladies' & Men's primary P&D Leagues were concerned. There was neither promotion nor relegation from any 2021 leagues.

There was also no AGM at the end of 2020, for similar pandemic-driven reasons, so the 2020 Committee remained in place for the 2021 season.

Results of the Club's 2021 bowling activities do appear below.

2021 Summary Teams

Team League / Division Position # of Teams Remark

Ladies' P&D




Men's P&D MWT

West B



G&FD MxTL - Red

Div 1



3 points adrift

G&FD MxTL - Green

Div 2



G&FD MxTL - White

Div 3



G&FD MxTL - Amber

Div 4



In the COVID-19-affected and artificially-constructed 2021 season, without promotion or relegation, not all teams played each other home and away and not all matches were played by the end of the season across all Leagues.

In the P&D MidWeek Triples League, each team played each other team three times, so either two home and one away, or one home and two away.

In the G&FD MxTL divisions, each team played each other team only once (rather than the traditional twice).

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