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Australian Pairs

An Australian Pairs Club Competition will be held on Saturday 21 May 2022.

The schedule for this and similar events is shown here.

Australian Pairs

The Australian Pairs competition is generally similar to regular pairs competitions described above, but with some differences.

  1. This competition is a 'single-day' event, on a day designated by the Committee, for a maximum of 24 players.
  2. Pairs will be drawn.
  3. Teams will be numbered and first round opponents will be decided by draw.
  4. Each player will bowl 4 woods.
  5. In Australian Pairs, the unique feature is that both team members will 'lead' and 'skip' alternately. 
    • The first player leads off in the normal way and delivers two woods.
    • The players then exchange ends, and the second player then delivers his/her four woods.
    • Ends are then exchanged again and the remaining two woods are delivered by the first player.
    • For the next end the roles are reversed.
    • Both players will need to have chalk and a measure.
  6. Each event will be played as its own 'mini-league', although a team may not play each of the other teams.
  7. Each match will be played over a pre-determined number of ends, and there will be a pre-determined number of rounds.
    • After each round, a team will change opponents and rinks.
  8. Points will be awarded for each match in each round, with a win worth 2 points and a tie worth 1 point.
  9. The event winner will be the team with the highest number of points.
    • In the event of a tie on points within a mini-league, then shot difference, then the result of any match between tying teams, then 'by lot', will be used to determine the event winner.

The draw and structure for the Australian Pairs Competition will be [are] shown below.

Note that the documents are password-protected. Members requesting a password reminder should contact the Membership/Assistant Secretary.