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Crofton Bowling Club

Bar Policy, Procedure & Order Forms

The Bar is open for a range of bowls event / match types, including Friendlies, Crofton-hosted Multi-Club events, In-Club Events, Men's P&D League (evenings), Men's P&D Midweek Triples League (afternoons), G&F Mixed Triples (evenings), and other events / match types.

  • When the Bar is open, Teas and Coffees remain available for purchase from the Kitchen Servery.

The Club operates a process, at events where food and drink is served after the match, for post-match drinks orders to be placed in advance around the commencement of the match/event for collection at the commencement of the meal. That process is shown below.

The order forms on which such orders are written are provided and collected 'greenside' by the duty Steward typically at the start of the match/event, in folders which also contain a copy of our Bar Price List.

The order forms and the Bar Price List, valid from April 2018 on, are available below for printing. The price list document is password protected. If you require a reminder of the password, please contact the Club Assistant Secretary.


Stewards' Rota will appear here..


The Executive Committee is responsible for determining/approving

  • Bar policies
  • Bar prices
  • Bar opening hours, within the limits permitted by the Club Premises Alcohol Licence.

The Bar Manager and the other Bar Sub-Committee Members are responsible for:

  • conducting the supply and sale of excise liquors on the Club premises
  • the enforcement of all rules and regulations applicable to such transactions 
  • purchasing drink supplies
  • supplying (bar stocked) soft drinks to the Kitchen operation for their sales
    • although kitchen sales of such soft drinks are not required to be included in Bar sales records
  • recording all stock movements, and providing records of all sales/receipts, and of purchases and any financial-related transactions, to the Treasurer
  • establishing and publishing (in clubhouse, and online, above) a roster for the Stewards
  • ensuring that Stewards are competent and trained to run all aspects of Bar operations.

The washing-up of Glasses, etc, and disposal of bar rubbish, will be part of the Catering Team's duties, but the Stewards will assist.

The Bar Manager and one (independent) member of the Executive Management Committee are responsible for the carrying out of regular stock checks together with the Club Secretary (or similar Executive Committee Member, typically the Treasurer) responsible for the Club Premises Alcohol License.

  • The stock check validation process would be expected to be completed by reconciling the stock check result against sales, purchases and other stock movement records since the previous stock check.