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Crofton Bowling Club

Captain's Role - G&F MxT Leagues

The role of Team Captain in the Gosport & Fareham Mixed Triples League follows the general guidance for all Team Captains.

The submission to the League Secretary of a summary score-sheet, with score-cards, after the match reflecting requested data.

After each match in the Gosport & Fareham Mixed Triples League, each Team Captain is required to complete a summary 'score-sheet' for his/her team and submit that score-sheet, together with the score-cards, to the G&F League Secretary, Sheena Mack.

Completing the score-sheet can be done from

  • a form, completed hard-copy after printing, with format provided by the League Secretary and available below, or
  • downloading and completing a form, below, all in soft-copy without any printing, with the information requested by the League Secretary.

In either case, the score-cards from the match must also be sent to the League Secretary. This can be done by

  • scanning the score-cards and sending as an e-mail attachment(s), in addition to the match score-sheet, or
  • copying for retention (recommended), and then physically mailing the score-cards to the League Secretary, along with the match score-sheet form

Additionally, a copy of the score-sheet should be provided to the Webmaster so that the result is posted on our website. This information should be sent either by copying the webmaster on a submission e-mail to the League Secretary, or by separate e-mail direct to the webmaster, if physically mailing the information to the League Secretary.

Please click/tap the below document to view/download the League-supplied score-sheet for use as required.

Below is a soft-copy version of this form, in the form of a spreadsheet, which can be used to enter and send a match result as 'soft-copy', with no printing required.


  • Download a copy of the blank score-sheet file, by clicking/tapping on it, below
  • Open the downloaded file with your selected spreadsheet editing application.
  • On a computer
    • Save it (typically 'File || Save As') in an appropriate folder and give it a meaningful filename (e.g. 'GnF MxTL D4 Result Crofton Amber 20170805', where 20170805 is YYYYMMDD)
  • On a tablet/mobile device *, or similar
    • Save it (using the facilities of your application and operating system, and any external drive or cloud storage selections)
    • * You may find it difficult to perform information entry, file renaming, field editing, and PDF export/creation on a tablet, or similar, type of device. A computer is the recommended device type for this activity.
  • Enter information in all 'yellow-coloured' cells
    • you should be able to 'tab' from cell to cell
    • other cells are designed to be 'protected' and not selectable/editable
  • Save the file again (typically 'File || Save')
  • Export the file as a PDF (typically 'File || Export As.. || PDF') - this newly created PDF file will have the same filename as your spreadsheet file, and be in the same folder
  • Create an e-mail to League Secretary Sheena Mack @ sheenamack@talktalk.net
  • Add Crofton Webmaster e-mail address (croftonbcwebmeister@gmail.com) as 'cc'
    • ‚Äčto enable this result to be posted on our website
  • Attach the newly-created PDF file
  • Additionally, attach a scanned copy of the match score-cards
  • Send

This section is in pilot mode, but is now available for G&F Team Captains and/or anyone deputising or assisting.