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Crofton Bowling Club

Captain's Role - G&F MxT Leagues

The role of Team Captain in the Gosport & Fareham Mixed Triples League follows the general guidance for all Team Captains.

The submission to the League Secretary of a summary score-sheet, with score-cards, after the match has a specific form, below.

After each match in the Gosport & Fareham Mixed Triples League, each Team Captain is required to complete a summary 'score-sheet' for his/her team and submit that score sheet, together with the score-cards, to the G&F League Secretary, Sheena Mack.

Additionally, a scanned copy of the score sheet, or the match result information (date, division, teams, captain’s name, match shot scores, rinks won/tied, total match points) it contains, should be provided to the Webmaster so that the result is posted on our website. This information should be sent either by copying the webmaster on a submission e-mail to the League Secretary, or by separate e-mail direct to the webmaster.

Please click/tap the below document to view/download the League-supplied score sheet for use as required.

Below* is a soft-copy version of this form, in the form of a spreadsheet, which can be used to enter and send a match result in 'soft-copy'.


  • Download a copy of the scoresheet file, by clicking/tapping on it, below
  • Open the downloaded file with your selected spreadsheet editing application (such as MS Excel, although other spreadsheet editing applications are available).
  • On a computer
    • Save it (File | Save As) in an appropriate folder and give it a meaningful filename (e.g. 'GnF D4 Result Crofton White 20170805')
  • On a tablet/mobile device *, or similar
    • Save it (using the facilities of your application and operating system, and any external drive or cloud storage selections)
    • * You may find it difficult to perform information entry, file renaming, field editing, and PDF export/creation on a tablet, or similar, type of device. A computer is the recommended device type for this activity.
  • Enter information in all 'yellow-coloured' cells (other cells are designed to be 'protected' and not editable)
  • Save the file again (File | Save)
  • Export the file as a PDF (File | Export As PDF) - this newly created PDF file will have the same filename as your spreadsheet file, and be in the same folder
  • Create an e-mail to League Secretary Sheena Mack @ sheenamack@talktalk.net
  • Add Crofton Webmaster e-mail address (croftonbcwebmeister@gmail.com) as 'cc'
  • Attach the newly-created PDF file
  • Send


* This section remains under development - the below file is a work-in-progress, and is not yet confirmed as 'ready for use'.