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Crofton Bowling Club

Club Operating Procedures

The Club owns and operates a range of procedures for Club Administration. These are shown in the images below, or as documents either to be opened from this page, or as links to separate pages.


  • Boiler Operation
  • Food Safety - Legal Summary
  • Food Safety - Legal Detail
  • Catering Duties
  • Teas-Making
  • Water Systems
  • Winter Checks
  • Disposal of Waste ( tba)
  • Other ?

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The following procedures can be opened/viewed from here:

  • tba

Clubhouse Keys:

It is mandatory for all members, and 'Friends of Crofton', to adhere to this instruction/procedure:

  1. If you take the main key set from its normal storage position, it must be returned there immediately after unlocking the doors as needed, and not left in a door, or pocket, or bag or anywhere else.

  2. The Clubhouse door key should be returned to its key-safe immediately after opening the door, and the key-safe closed, and numbers scrambled.

  3. When locking up, the Clubhouse must be locked last, having already returned the main key set to its normal storage position, and the Clubhouse door key must be returned to the key-safe, which must then be locked and numbers scrambled.

  4. If you are locking up with your own keys you must ensure that the main key set is in its normal storage position and the Clubhouse door key is in the key-safe, before locking up.

Further operational process and procedures are shown on separate pages, below:

General Forms used around the clubhouse can be found here.

The documents are password protected; if you require a reminder of the password, please contact the Club Assistant Secretary.