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External Payments to the Club

Payment by EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer, also known as 'online/direct bank payments/transfers' or 'BACS') to the Club is regarded as the optimal method of payment, and we look to our paying partners to kindly collaborate with us in this matter. Information is below. If you are making a payment to the Club and are unable to use this payment method at this time, please contact the Club Treasurer by phone or by e-mail.


Information for individuals who are not Club Members or for external organisations making a payment to the Club is here.

  • Payment by EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer)
    • Also known as 'BACS' payments/transfers, or 'by online banking'/'by online/direct payment/transfer'
    • This is our preferred method for receiving payments
    • On payment, please concurrently advise remittance information by e-mail to the Club Treasurer.
    • Bank account details for payments are in (click/tap to open) the below document:

Payment by cheque is available, although EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer, also known as online/direct bank payment/transfer or 'BACS') as described above, is preferred.

  • Payment by Cheque
    • Key point - payee name:
      • Payee must be 'Crofton Bowling Club'
        • Banks have for some time now implemented a much stricter policy for cheque acceptance regarding accuracy of account name as the payee on a cheque. Correspondingly, other potentially similar payee names (eg 'Crofton BC', 'Crofton Bowls Club') are consistently rejected by the bank, thus rendering the cheque void. In this circumstance, the cheque would be returned as 'refer-to-drawer', with potential charges to the cheque payer, and the club would deem the situation as 'no payment received'.
    • Please mail the cheque, along with payment advice information, to the Club Treasurer, who can be contacted by e-mail or by phone to provide mail address details. Note that our Green and Clubhouse address has no facility for receiving postal mail.


Payment by cash is particularly discouraged, in favour of the other payment methods described above.

  • Payment in Cash
    • We do not encourage organisations or external individuals to pay the Club in cash. If paying by other than either of the above payment methods is difficult, please contact the Club Treasurer by e-mail, or by phone, to discuss.

Payments will be acknowledged/receipted by e-mail. A hard-copy receipt can also be provided, on request.

Information to club members for making payments to the club is separately available here.