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Friends of Crofton

'Friends of Crofton' explained

A membership category of 'Friends of Crofton BC' exists, under the Club Constitution, and with membership fee determined annually by the Executive Committee, for

  • former members no longer able to bowl
  • spouses, parents or friends of existing members

Once enrolled and subscribed as a 'Friend of Crofton BC', each such 'Friend' is entitled to..

  • receive details of the Club's bowling and social functions.
  • use the facilities of the Clubhouse during bowling and social functions, and be entitled to free tea, coffee, biscuits and cake, if available, throughout the season.
  • bowl 'roll-ups' of any length jack they wish, subject to rink availability, throughout the season, without charge or green fee.

with the following limitations:

  • is not entitled/allowed to attend Club Meetings or have any jurisdiction over the Club's affairs.

To become a 'Friend of Crofton'

An Application Form for those wishing to become a 'Friend' (including those just retiring from regular Membership) is separately available here. Please contact the Assistant Secretary for further details.

Annual Renewal of 'Friends' Membership

Annual renewal of a 'Friends of Crofton' subscription normally requires completion of the Friends' Membership Subscription Form, and its submission with the subscription payment amount. Additional optional forms are [will be] available here for you

  • to participate in the '50/50 Club Draw' 
  • to notify a change of contact details

For 2021, where an exceptional situation applied...,

  • Please click/tap on the single [each appropriate] document below, [in turn, to open/read and, for each of the forms to be submitted, to (print and) complete] for the exceptional circumstances in place for 2021.
  • For those 'Friends' registered as 'without an online presence', hard-copy documents are being provided direct by, and are also available on request from, the Club Assistant Secretary.
  • Please return completed form and your payment , where appropriate, by submitting both payment and form(s), as guided in the 'Friends Membership Renewal Invitation', below.
  • Payment options/methods are described here.
  • Most of the documents are password protected. Bona fide Members or 'Friends' wishing to be advised/reminded of the password should contact the Assistant Secretary.

Click/tap the document(s) below to view.

List of the 'Friends of Crofton'

Below is a list of the Friends of Crofton, together with authorised contact phone numbers and e-mail addresses.

The purpose of this document is to enable Members and Friends to contact other Friends on matters of mutual interest relating to the Bowls Club. The Club relies on its Members and Friends to use this information securely, with discretion, and in line with the Club's Data Protection policy, as referenced in the Data Privacy Notice to Members, just as one would for a hard-copy list of contact information.

The document is password protected. Bona fide Members or 'Friends' wishing to be advised/reminded of the password should contact the Assistant Secretary. For additional security, the document has attributes that inhibit copying/printing.

Click/tap the document below to view.

For any further queries on 'Friends of Crofton', please contact the Assistant Secretary.