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G&F Competitions

**** Gosport & Fareham District Mixed Triples League have announced that these competitions will not take place during 2020 ***


Information on the draw for (and 'entry' to) Gosport & Fareham (G&F) League's competitions for individuals will be available here.

Entry forms will be posted to the clubhouse notice-board.

G&F Individual Competitions 2019 - each played as 'first to 21 shots'

Competition Name Eligibility Entrants Entry Fee £
per person

Audrey Pearce (Ladies) Singles


Di Likely, Sue Whyld


Masterman (Men's) Singles


Steve Pothecary, Ken Thorpe, John Wilkinson


President's Singles

Current/Past Club Presidents & League Presidents

Bob Bunce


Secretaries' / Treasurers' Singles

Club Secretaries and Club Treasurers

Di Likely, Steve Caine, Mike Whitefoot, John Wilkinson


Bowler of the Year Singles

1 Lady + 1 Man, Club-nominated

Anne Berger and Dennis Wearne, as nominated by CBC Committee, according to nomination criterion from the entry form document below

2.00 (paid by Club)

Entries for the various 2019 competitions above are open. The cut-off date for submitting entries was late April 2019, following which the forms on the clubhouse notice-board will be removed.

To [have] enter[ed], please add your name to the appropriate competition list(s) on the clubhouse notice board, and submit your entry fee, to be paid in our usual way. Entries will not be valid without payment of fees.

The draw for each of the competitions was made by G&F officials during early May 2019, and is shown below. The document is password protected. Club members wishing to be advised/reminded of the password should contact the Assistant Secretary.

G&F's Finals Day for the above individual competitions is Sun 18 Aug 2019, at Rowner BC.

G&F Mixed Triples League also have a number of G&F President's Friendly Matches against hosting clubs.

For further information, please contact Crofton Club Secretary, as our G&F Rep.