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Crofton Bowling Club


Markers are required in all Singles Competitions matches.

Each of our in-club singles competitions matches require a marker who has been formally 'assessed' by the Club Coaching team as a competent marker.

Marker candidates are encouraged to submit themself for assessment to the Lead Coaching contact. Guidance on the role of a marker is also available on copies of printed sheets by the clubhouse notice-boards, and shown below.

The format for the assessment course has been condensed:

  1. Introduction.
  2. Short session of bowling and marking (2 ends).
  3. Session of measuring different situations.

Below, and also on the clubhouse Competitions noticeboard, is a listing, maintained by the Lead Coaching Contact, of those who are assessed as competent markers. Note that the document is password-protected. Members requesting a password reminder should contact the Assistant Secretary.

Contact information of assessed competent markers is available here.