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Crofton Bowling Club

Payments by Members

This page describes how a club member may make a payment to the Club. The Club accepts any* of the following payment methods:

  • Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)
  • Cheque
  • Cash

* Over-the-counter purchases at the Bar and Kitchen, and payment of League Match fees, remain 'cash-only'.

Each payment method has its own procedure/details to be followed. Each individual payment is to be accompanied by 'payment advice' information, whose details may differ according to payment method.

  • Payment by Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)
    • Also known as 'BACS' or 'by online banking'
    • A two step process, summarised as:
      • Make the payment
        • via your (the member's) bank's 'online/internet banking website' or 'app', or other EFT facility
      • E-mail a 'payment advice' to the Treasurer
        • Send (click/tap the blue text) an 'EFT payment advice' e-mail
          • If clicking/tapping this link does not launch an e-mail with a 'form' content, please see procedure detail for alternative method, and details required.
    • For signing-on day, and for pre-payment of club bowling events and friendly matches, an EFT payment and accompanying notification advice e-mail must both be received no later than the previous day.
    • Please see below for procedure details
  • Payment by Cheque
    • Key point: payee must be 'Crofton Bowling Club'
      • Banks have started to implement a much stricter policy for cheque acceptance regarding accuracy of account name as the payee on a cheque. Correspondingly, other potentially similar payee names (such as 'Crofton BC', 'Crofton Bowls Club') could be rejected by the bank, thus rendering the cheque void. In this circumstance, the cheque would be returned as 'refer-to-drawer', with potential charges to the cheque payer, and the club would deem the situation as 'no payment received'.
    • Please see below for procedure details
    • Exceptionally, at signing-on day, cheques (with signing-on form) may be handed directly to the Treasurer
  • Payment in Cash
    • Do not mail cash
    • The only £10 or £5 notes now accepted are the polymer ones,
      • the previous linen/paper £10 & £5 notes are no longer legal tender
    • Please see below for procedure details
    • Exceptionally, at signing-on day, cash (with signing-on form) may be handed directly to the Treasurer

The procedure for each type of payment is provided below. Click/tap the appropriate payment method document for details.

Each of the below 'payment procedure' documents is password-protected. Members requiring a password reminder should contact the Assistant Secretary.

Information for external organisations making a payment to the Club is separately available here.