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Nat'l/C'ty/P&D/G&F Comps

Club members are eligible to enter the various competitions run by the Portsmouth & District (P&D) Associations (Ladies' and Men's) and/or Gosport & Fareham (G&F) District Mixed Triples League, and/or the County (Bowls Hampshire) and/or the National (Bowls England)* competitions. Additionally, many clubs (local and not so local) hold 'Open' competitions.

Such competitions typically comprise separate singles, pairs, triples and 'rinks' (fours) events , and run throughout the season.

Entry details and forms are typically to be found on our clubhouse notice-boards or from the appropriate Secretary/ies on our Committee. Entries are valid only with fee payment, to be made in our usual way.

* Entries for the Nationals Competitions are now to be made online only, including payment by card, direct with Bowls England via their website page, and are therefore not being coordinated or managed by the Club.

Each group of individual competitions is described on the following linked pages, which also contain information on entry forms. Click a page-link below to access information on the selected group of individual competitions:

Further details from Men's Secretary / Ladies' Secretary / G&F Rep.

Most organisations for each of these groups of competitions display the draw and progress of each of their competitions throughout the season. Please click the appropriate link below, to view their website's competitions page.


Green Fees for Away players in National/County/P&D/G&F Individual Competition matches are set by, and payable to, the Hosting (Home) Club, subject to a maximum amount, and a 'who pays' rule, each determined by the respective Competition Authority. See below for details:

Crofton Green Fees for Away players in Nat/Cty/P&D/G&F Individual Competition Matches

Competition Authority (Max) Fee per Away Player Who Pays?

Bowls Hampshire (also for Bowls England)


Home Player(s)

P&D BA (Men)


Match Loser(s)

P&D WBA (Ladies)



Gosport Fareham & District MixedTriplesLeague


Home Player(s)

For Green Fees payable by Members of the Public at our home green, pls see separate information on Public Green Fees.