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'Pitch-In' Insurance Offer

Crofton Bowling Club with Sutton Winson Ltd
Home / Car Insurance ‘Pitch-In’ Scheme

The Club’s Insurance Brokers, Sutton Winson Ltd, are inviting Club Members* to contact them for a Home and/or Car insurance quotation when a Member’s personal Home and/or Car insurance is being considered for renewal or a first purchase, and in doing so, enable a small contribution into the Club's finances from the broker. The scheme is called ‘Pitch-In’.

For each completed quotation (obligation-free, and regardless of whether the quotation is then accepted), the Club will receive a small fee from Sutton Winson. If the quotation is accepted and a policy is purchased, the Club will receive a further fee.

Contact Sutton Winson by either of these methods to request a Home and/or Car insurance quotation under the 'Pitch-In' scheme:

  • by phoning them on 0800 980 2701 (mentioning the ‘Pitch-In’ scheme and declaring Crofton Bowling Club as the associated Club) or
  • by clicking/tapping this special 'Pitch-In' online link to register an interest with Sutton Winson, and to request a call-back from them to discuss Home / Car insurance requirements and provide a quotation.

Sutton Winson engage with clients by phone, so there is no requirement to complete any online insurance quotation request.

The scheme is open-ended, so when an existing policy comes up for renewal, Sutton Winson can be contacted under this scheme.

The Club is pleased to be partnering with Sutton Winson in providing this, and hopes each Member* will be able to take advantage of this offer, and in doing so, generate a little income from Sutton Winson to help the Club's finances.

* Can be used by Club Members (and their friends and family), and Friends of Crofton (and their friends and family), any of whom would just need to identify themselves to Sutton Winson as coming to the 'Pitch-In' scheme and associated with 'Crofton Bowling Club'.


More information in the document below, if required.

The document is password protected. If you require a reminder of the password, please contact the Membership/Assistant Secretary.