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Rink Colours Rota and Direction of Play

During the 'Limited Opening' Scheme, the rink colours rota and direction of play are determined solely under the provisions of the scheme, and not from any information below.


For the duration of the 'Limited Opening' Scheme, the information below concerning details of rink colours and direction of play does not apply.

The Rink Colours Rota for each day of the bowls season is managed by the Club Vice-Captain, and is published here. 

This 'rota and direction of play indicators' document is also displayed in the 'Royal Box' (Main Equipment Store).

Rink Colours

Direction of Play rules (draft only)

Direction of Play will be according to the day number (odd or even).

It is acknowledged that, at the end of a 31-day month (May, July, August), the direction of play will remain unchanged for two consecutive days.

This does not affect the Rink Colours rota shown above.

Draft only

Date Sessions Direction Description

Odd numbered days



Away from, and back towards, the clubhouse

Even numbered days



Across the front of the clubhouse