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Crofton Bowling Club respects and adheres to the safeguarding protocols provided by Safeguarding Bowls, from Bowls Development Alliance operating as a partner organisation of Bowls England, who provide Safeguarding guidance, and those of Bowls Hampshire, to which the Club is also affiliated, to support the safeguarding of all those who play the sport of Bowls.

These safeguarding protocols are particularly important with regard to all young persons, and the policies highlight specifically young people or adults with any type of disability or young people or adults who are known to be at risk.

These protocols include provisions specifically for the safeguarding of Young Persons (ie those under 18 years of age). We kindly request that such visitors to the Club (or visiting team captains whose team contains an under-18 bowler or spectator) advise the home team captain or match organiser in advance of the visit, to agree appropriate arrangements.

Policy and Guidance:

  • A policy statement for 'Safeguarding, including protection of vulnerable adults and children protection, for Members and Parents' is available below, published by Bowls Development Alliance, a partner organisation to Bowls England which promotes these protocols.
  • Bowls England also publishes
    • their range of Policies & Rules covering a range of wellbeing and safeguarding topics, including transgender policy, here.
    • with Bowls Development Alliance, for Club Officers and Members a Safeguarding Guidance document, which contains a range of further details and procedures.

Note that each document covers all aspects of Safeguarding, not just Child Protection.

To view, visit Bowls Development Alliance - Safeguarding, where additional documentation is available.

Our Club Policy Statement about Safeguarding is shown below, together with a process flow regarding safeguarding vulnerable adults. This latter poster is also displayed on the Clubhouse notice board

Disclosure or Statement

As part of corresponding operational procedures of Safeguarding Guidance, the following is a working extract:

  • Once a 'Disclosure or Statement' regarding any alleged breach of safeguarding principles has been made to any Club Member or Club Officer, it should be referred to the Club Safeguarding Officer who will then report it immediately, using an Incident Reporting Form, to the Bowls England Safeguarding Officer who will contact the appropriate outside agency/agencies in order that any necessary protective action can be taken. It is not the responsibility of any Club Member or Club Officer to investigate the situation or any allegation.

The below documentation primarily focusses on the safeguarding of young persons.

Role of Parents/Guardians

Parents/Guardians of Young Persons who will start to bowl at the club unaccompanied by the parent or guardian must provide the Club with all necessary documentation and consent, primarily using our Young Person / Junior Player Consent Form (additional form templates, if required, can be retrieved from the Bowls Development Alliance's Safeguarding Documents page) for their child/children. Parents/Guardians must also keep the Club aware of any changes (relevant to those elements contained in that initial consent form) that occur to the circumstances of the young person.

Parents/Guardians should also draw to the attention of the Club any concerns they have about the Bowling Club's Safeguarding-related Practices and Procedures.

Extracts / sample procedures for the Club:

Match Team Captain / Match Organiser Role and Responsibilties

A Team Captain / Match Organiser of a home match, on being informed by a team visiting Crofton that their contingent will include a young person, must confirm that the visiting team will be providing a named 'safeguarding officer' for the young person's wellbeing when at Crofton. The captain/organiser must also inform all other members who will be present at the green.

Equally, where the Club has an away match, and if our Club team contains a young person, then that Team Captain has several responsibilities:

  • Determine which Club member will be accompanying the young person and acting (for that match) as 'safeguarding officer', and ensure that member is familiar with the responsibilities of the role.
  • Notify the away team captain / organiser, and be prepared to provide the name of the 'safeguarding officer'.
  • Determine if the young person will be transported to the away match by the young person's parent/guardian, as would be hoped (if so, no further action on this point), but if not, and an alternative Club Member will be driving the young person, then
    • Ensure that the alternative volunteer driver is informed that s/he (as the volunteer driver of a young person) must ensure that, and comply with:
      1. ​The travel arrangements and type of transport are suitable for the journey.
        • It is the driver’s responsibility for making sure the players have seat belts and use them.
        • Vehicles without seat belts must not be used.
        • Vehicles transporting players should be appropriate and roadworthy
        • Drivers must have the appropriate licence and insurance cover.
      2. The driver will also require the appropriate Insurance Cover.
        • The insurance cover when transporting people as part of work, whether paid or not, should be business cover (insurance companies may charge very little for this extra cover).
      3. As an adult driving junior players, s/he is never in a position where s/he is alone with the junior player.
        • However, if being alone with a junior player is absolutely necessary, and approved by the Bowling Club, then parental permission has to be pre-obtained.
      4. A central collection and dropping point must be arranged.
      5. A 'Private Car Driver Registration' form must be completed for any private driver well prior to the proposed journey and be passed to the Team Captain / Organiser to consider for approve and retain.
        •  ​​The 'Car Driver Registration' form is below - please click the blue text line to open the document, for printing, completion and submission