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Temporary Membership for Coaching Course

For non-members wishing to take the introductory coaching course (typically 4 two-hour sessions), it is necessary to establish such participants as Temporary Playing Members for several reasons including Liability Insurance coverage, Data Privacy/Protection inclusion, and subsequent payments query handling.

A nominal fee is required from each participant, and will be credited against the subscription amount payable when a course participant becomes a Regular Member.

Senior Coaches are responsible for initiating this process at the point when a non-member wishes to book participation in such a course, and will work in association with the Membership/Assistant Secretary (responsible for membership) to complete the process.

The documents below describe the responsibilities with the process, and the procedural steps required.

There are two Forms involved in this process, which can be downloaded from here. Note that only the Senior Coaches have the authority and responsibility to provide a Temporary Playing Membership application form to non-members, and only the Membership/Assistant Secretary has the authority to issue a Temporary Playing Membership Acknowledgement Confirmation.

Any queries about the process and use of the forms may be addressed to the Membership/Assistant Secretary or Treasurer.

Each of the documents below is password protected. Members requiring a reminder of the password should contact the Membership/Assistant Secretary.

Additionally, for Young Persons, please also refer to the Young Person's/Junior Players' Consent Form