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Website Policy & Practice

The policy and principles of the use and content of the Crofton Bowling Club website are established by the Club's Executive Committee.

Website use/content policy and principles

These are the principles that the Executive Committee has determined for the content, and our use of, our website:

Committee Members and other Club Officials are using it as an active communication tool, and as a reference database of a range of documentation.

  • primarily to, and for, the Club Members
  • to promote the Club externally

What appears on the website?

The principles of what the website contains are:

  • To our club members, the website is our ‘online version’ of the clubhouse notice-boards, walls, document folders or secure briefcase, as well as a means of communication to (online) members by club officials. These two means of communication are complementary.
    • All* documentation that we post or lodge in the clubhouse on walls, noticeboards, in folders, in the secure briefcase or in any official communication to all our members (e-mail or other), is expected to be posted concurrently to the website.
      • * Certain document types of information are excluded from this principle of being posted online. Items that will, exceptionally, not be posted to the website include member availability, match selections and team-sheets (but not squad lists, which will be visible online).
      • Selected content may be deemed ‘sensitive’ and/or for Club Members only and/or may contain data subject to 'data protection policy', so many documents on our website will be password-protected to ensure they are accessible only to current members.
    • We use our website actively as a means of communication with (online) members, in parallel with other existing communication methods, by
      • ensuring that most* information we send as an official e-mail to all members, or physically mail, or make available in the clubhouse, is also provided to the webmaster for posting online.
        • * 'most' excludes members' availability information, and match selection/team-sheets
    • Some information is available only on our website, which is the repository for 'most'* of our current documentation
  • To those outside the Club, we promote our club and provide information as part of a welcome to visitors.
    • We project our existence, particularly to potential members
    • We provide information to opponents visiting us, to the bowling community, and to touring clubs looking for matches locally
    • We highlight our events locally, and promote our club to anyone else interested in us, or wishing to contact us.
    • We intend our website to provide all the necessary or valuable information about us, and enable occasional users of our website to make contact easily with appropriate officials.
    • All externally-targeted posters, news-items, etc, are also posted to the website, and are accompanied by a news/event e-mail (to those who are subscribed via our website for such e-mails) to boost their effect.

The range of pages and ‘providers’ of content

Each website page has ‘content’ (what text or image the page, or any PDF attachment, contains), and ‘structure/appearance’ (how the page is laid out, and the 'look and feel' of all content).

  • The content of each page is deemed ‘provided’ by a designated Club Official (there are different content providers for different pages).
    • A ‘page-content provider‘ does not perform any actual website updates – that task lies solely with the Webmaster. The ‘page-content provider’ informs the Webmaster of a requested content change or addition, and provides the updated/modified content (by e-mailing changed text, or a soft-copy document, or an image/photo, etc).
    • The Club President retains ultimate responsibility for website content, and may authorise modification/deletion of any page content.
  • The structure of the page, for the content provided, and including content formatting standards (all generally known as 'look and feel') is determined by the Webmaster.

The list of website pages and their 'content providers' is shown here. Select the list format required, according to preference/purpose, from the two options below and click/tap to view the document.

Each of the documents is password-protected. If required, contact the Membership/Assistant Secretary for a reminder of the password.

Many documents on this website are password-protected, to restrict access to Club Members only. If required, contact the Membership Secretary for a reminder of the password.

For selected pages with prior year documents, passwords from prior years are used to secure such documents (including archived documents). Such prior year passwords can be retrieved by current year members, by clicking/tapping here to access the relevant document (itself protected by the current password).

The Webmaster is responsible for liaison with our website platform service-provider, the HugoFox organisation.

For information, the data privacy policy of our website hosting partner, the HugoFox organisation, is available here. Note that we, the club, via its Webmaster, are the customer of HugoFox, and this data privacy policy applies to us, the Club, rather than the club members who may use our HugoFox-hosted website.

The Club has its own data protection policy, plus a data privacy notice to its Members, both of which describe how club members' personal data is managed by the Club, and which includes reference to this website managed on our behalf by the HugoFox organisation as our service-provider. The Club therefore has a Website Privacy and Use Policy which applies specifically to users of this website, and is available here.