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Close Season Premises Inspections

Regular inspection of our 'unoccupied' premises with a frequency of not more than every 7 days during the closed (Winter) season, including identifying, reporting and remedying any area of concern, is an insurance-approved/-mandated process for the Club, as well as being prudent. It is performed by Executive Committee Members on a rota basis.

Details, including the latest rota, are in the below document, for Executive Committee Members. A hard-copy of the document(s) constitutes the actual log, and is held in a folder in the clubhouse.

The documents below are password-protected, and for Executive Committee Members' use only. Those wishing to be reminded of the password should contact the Membership/Assistant Secretary.

Supplementary Tasks - 2021 Bowling Scheme

Even after the relaxation of the 2021 Bowling Scheme, these inspections by Executive Committee Members also include specific tasks as part of the additional sanitising activity. These extra tasks are documented here, and a hard-copy of this document is held with the actual log, described above.