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Close Season Premises Inspections

Inspection of our premises at least once each week during the closed (Winter) season, including identifying, reporting and remedying any area of concern, is an insurance-approved and prudent process for the Club. It is performed by Executive Committee Members on a rota basis.

Exceptionally during the Heath Emergency of 2020, when our club remained closed during Spring, our premises were formally classed as 'unoccupied' from May 2020 onward, and we had an insurance-mandated need to perform these inspections with a frequency of not more than every 7 days. During the 'Limited Opening' Scheme from 2H June 2020 onward, in which we are classified as 'part-unoccupied', these inspections continue not only for for all 'unoccupied' parts of our premises, but also in practice for the whole premises. Premises 'Inspectors' should note that inspections carried out during this Scheme must not be performed while a Bowling Session is in progress.

Details, including the rotas, are available in the below document, for Executive Committee Members.

The documents are password-protected, and for Executive Committee Members' use only. Those wishing to be reminded of the password should contact the Assistant Secretary.

Supplementary Tasks - 'Limited Opening' Scheme

During the 'Limited Opening' Scheme, these inspections by Executive Committee Members also include specific tasks as part of the Committee's responsibility under the management of the Scheme. These extra tasks are documented here.

Premises 'Inspectors' should note that inspections carried out while this Scheme is in place must not be performed while a Bowling Session is in progress.