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Crookham Village Neighbourhood Plan

What's the rush?

We want to get our Plan in place soonest, to give us influence over the levels of development we’re facing. 

Can we speed up the Plan?

We can’t speed up the set process, BUT if we all participate and make sure that we have a strong Plan, we stand a better chance of getting it through ‘examination’ first time. This is why it is vital that your household provides input to the consultations. 

Timeline estimate

If all goes smoothly, the quickest we can get our Neighbourhood Plan in place as of now is March 2017. That shounds a long way off but there is a complicated, legal, planning process to follow and we cannot cut any corners to speed things up. If you go to the 'useful documents' section you will find our timelines there and you can see how things change as we go through the programme.


Following final submission, Hart will arrange for examination by an independent inspector, according to the legal requirements. Once the inspector signs our Plan off, we will hold a local referendum. If more than 50% of the voters that turn out (that's you) say YES, then 6 weeks after this, our Plan is ‘made’, which means it is active and will be used to help determine planning applications.

“Your choices, Your plan”