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Crookham Village Neighbourhood Plan

Vision and Objectives

Here are the draft Vision and Objectives, based on your previous feedback. The Parish residents have had the opportunity to give comments and feedback on the Vision & Objectives between the beginning of October 2015 and the middle of February 2016 and the results of this consultation will form the final V&O to be used in our Neighbourhood Plan.

Survey results were gathered online through SurveyMonkey and in hard copy via the Crookham Stores, the Zebon Copse Spa shop and the Zebon Copse Community centre. Thank you to everyone who particpated and we will publish the results when they are in. We appreciate the time that people have taken to give feedback and suggestions, which will all go towards making the end result stronger and fully representative of the Crookham Village Parish community. 

Draft Vision October 2015:

Over the Plan period until 2032, Crookham Village Parish will continue to be a thriving community, able to meet the housing, social and infrastructure needs of its mixed rural village and contemporary communities – while protecting its green spaces, rural environment and historic character for future generations.                         

Draft Objectives October 2015: 

The 6 Objectives suggested by our community are:

1. Housing

  • Provide for a minimum of (figure to be confirmed) new dwellings between 2016 and 2032 in accordance with Hart District Council’s draft Local Plan, whilst ensuring that the overall quantity of development does not put an unacceptable strain on local infrastructure capacity.
  • Provide housing on small scale sites (up to approx. 50 dwellings per site) that will accommodate the levels of growth proposed. Encourage developments designed sympathetically to the surroundings, with a mix of dwellings to support the needs of our local people, addressing requirements of first time buyers and the ageing community. Development within the ‘old village’ boundaries should be designed in harmony with the historic character of Crookham Village. Seek opportunities for rural exception schemes.
  • Maintain the existing strategic gap between Fleet and Crookham Village, and anywhere else that urban sprawl is likely, in order to prevent coalescence.
  • Protect the rural setting and historic character of Crookham Village.
  • Ensure that new housing developments prioritise brownfield sites where possible.

2. Education

  • Support any proposal for educational facilities within or adjacent to the Parish.
  • Work to integrate St Nicholas’ School (as our biggest local employer) more closely into the Parish.

3. The Environment

  • Maintain the Parish conservation areas, listed buildings and their settings.
  • Protect the existing quality of landscape, encourage local biodiversity and maintain existing green spaces.
  • Establish more community woodland for sustainable use of resources.
  • Protect identified agricultural land for food production, including allotments.
  • Minimise the risk of fluvial and surface water flooding

4. The Local Economy

  • Protect existing commercial premises from change of use where existing businesses are of demonstrable benefit to the community
  • Encourage the availability of high speed broadband throughout the Parish
  • Seek space for a ‘Business Hub’ to support home working

5. Transport and Movement

  • Minimise the impact of heavy traffic movement through Crookham Village, to preserve the character of The Street and the single file Malthouse Bridge, by seeking to avoid new developments adding traffic to a road that is already near capacity.
  • Encourage the use of public transport and support and encourage bus service provision
  • Plan to avoid the use of narrow housing estate roads as ‘rat runs’.
  • Promote and maintain the current network of cycle paths, footways and public footpaths.

6. Health, Leisure and Wellbeing

  • There is currently one dentist’s surgery, but no medical or pharmaceutical facilities within the parish. Encourage any such provision.
  • Continue to support the current Zebon Copse Centre community hall and support additional facilities in the village, such as WI Hall and Social Club.
  • Diversify leisure provision for the benefit of older children and adults. 


“Your choices, Your plan”