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Cullompton Farmers' Market

Benefits of Cullompton Farmers' Market

Farmers’ markets have the following benefits:


  • are able to talk to end consumers and find out the type and quality of produce they prefer.
  • have another direct outlet with no middle man.
  • are able to publicise their produce and farms by reaching people who normally would not have heard of them.


  • are able to purchase very fresh food brought directly from the farm.
  • are able to meet the people producing the food.
  • experience a day out and a new, more relaxed shopping environment.


  • Cullompton’s image will benefit from being associated with this high quality, high profile project.
  • More people will be attracted to the town of Cullompton.


  • Food will not travel long distances to depots and supermarkets.
  • Packaging will be minimal as food will not need to keep for long periods.

The success of the project depends very much upon the support of farmers, consumers and local organisations. If you are interested in the farmers’ markets, please contact us.