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Dalton-le-Dale Parish Council

St. Andrews Church

St. Andrews Church, Dalton-le-Dale St. Andrews Church, Dalton-le-Dale

St. Andrew’s church in Dalton-le-Dale is not the easiest place to find. However a brief detour from the B1285 finds it nestling in its tree lined graveyard pretty much as it has done for the last 850 years. Charm is one word easily applied to all a visitor may find there. Once seen St. Andrew’s is not forgotten which is why increasingly those who have discovered it return to its services, be they for Sunday worship or to mark the significant ceremonies of life.

Despite its age St. Andrew’s is quite accessible in terms of today’s expectation’s. For an ancient church it is warm, apart from the coldest days. After the low door step (ramp available) its level, audible, big enough for a crowd yet small enough to see and be in touch with what’s happening. However it does lack facilities such as a toilet and a kitchen which would complete its hospitality.

To equip St. Andrew’s for the twenty first century and beyond its Church Council is planning to add a small extension to the building. This would provide both the utilities and storage space to open up other areas of the church. Being a Grade II (star) listed building the work comes at considerable cost; estimates begin at £150,000. Currently around £30,000 has been given or pledged but the rest remains to be found.

To this end Funding organisations are being approached and an appeal is to be launched at the St. Andrew’s day service. Its hoped that, on the 30th. Nov., those present, indeed anywhere, may ’buy a block’.

Generations of people have made their mark in different ways on St. Andrew’s. The Saxon’s left a sundial, the Medievals a lady and a knight. The turn of the last century brought a new ceiling and screen with the years between leaving the mystery of the Roman Numerals to keep us guessing. Now there is another opportunity to join in literally building a piece of history; a work helping today and leaving a legacy in stone for tomorrow.

St. Andrew's Church needs your help

This 860 year old Church is in desperate need of exterior stonework repair to protect the interior fabric of the church from further damage. Please visit the crowdfunding page St. Andrew's Church Building Fund and consider making a donation.