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Deddington Farmers' Market

Stallholder of the Month

Stallholder of the Month, Deddington Farmers' Market

Paddocks Products is run by Stephen and Trish at their family farm in Culworth near Banbury.  The rare breeds they farm include Dexter beef from cattle born and bred on the farm on pastures free from pesticides and artificial fertilizers. The Dexter is the smallest native breed of cattle in the UK. Stephen is now butchering and hanging his own Dexter beef, which means more taste and meat that you can cut with a fork. Their pork comes from Pedigree Tamworth's and Tamworth X's. which, during the winter months, are bedded in deep straw. During the summer months they roam outside. The Tamworth is thought to be the closet living relative of the indigenous British forest pig.  Their lamb from Zwartbles sheep were introduced into this country in 1986 from Holland by a close farming family friend.