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Devon County Indoor Bowls Association

Top Club/County Trophy/Charles Parrott


County Team Competitions

Second Round round matches should be played before the 31st January 2018 and the results for Top Club, County Trophy and Charles Parrott Cup should emailed to Chris Beer at chrisbeer37@yahoo.com


County-Trophy (Semi-Finals): Plymouth 76-69 Isca

County-Trophy (Quarter-Finals): Exonia 82-25 Torbay; Isca 88-71 Madeira;

County-Trophy (Quarter-Finals): Plymouth 84-32 Mid Devon; Torquay 114-50 Budleigh

County Trophy (Round-1): Exonia 107-44 Kingsley; Torbay 128-44 Sidmouth;

County Trophy (Round-1): Dawlish 32-112 Torquay; Mid Devon 80-76 South Hams;

County Trophy (Round-1): Plymouth 93-33 Honiton

Top Club: (Semi-Finals): Exonia 2-3 Torbay

Top Club: (Quarter-Finals): Exonia 4-1 Kingsley; Plymouth 5-0 Budleigh;

Top Club: (Quarter-Finals): South Hams 3.5-1.5 Honiton; Torbay 3-2 Mid Devon

Top Club (Round-1): Honiton 5-0 Dawlish; Plymouth 3-2 Torquay; Torbay 4-1 Madeira;

Top Club (Round-1): Isca v Exonia: Exonia through on w/o.

Charles Parrott (Semi- Finals): Isca 50-30 Plymouth

Charles Parrott (Quarter-Finals): Exonia 43-25 Torbay; Madeira 35-32 Honiton; Budleigh 18-23 Isca;

Charles Parrott (Quarter Finals): Plymouth 37-33 South Hams

Charles Parrott (Round-1): Plymouth 37-36 Sidmouth; Exonia beat Torbay;

Charles Parrott (Round-1): Mid Devon 33-44 Exonia; South Hams 48-42 Kingsley;

Charles Parrott (Round-1): Budleigh beat Dawlish; Honiton beat Torquay United


County Competition Draw Sheets for Top Club, County Trophy, Charles Parrott 2017-2018