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Devon County Indoor Bowls Association

17-18 Top Club /County Trophy /Parrott


County Team Competitions

RESULTS (draw-sheets are down-loadable below and follow this list of results :-

County-Trophy Final: Exonia beat Plymouth

County-Trophy (Semi-Finals): Exonia 88-60 Torquay; Plymouth 76-69 Isca

County-Trophy (Quarter-Finals): Exonia 82-25 Torbay; Isca 88-71 Madeira;

County-Trophy (Quarter-Finals): Plymouth 84-32 Mid Devon; Torquay 114-50 Budleigh

County Trophy (Round-1): Exonia 107-44 Kingsley; Torbay 128-44 Sidmouth;

County Trophy (Round-1): Dawlish 32-112 Torquay; Mid Devon 80-76 South Hams;

County Trophy (Round-1): Plymouth 93-33 Honiton

Top Club Final: Plymouth 3-2 Torbay

Top Club: (Semi-Finals): Exonia 2-3 Torbay; Plymouth 5-0 South Hams

Top Club: (Quarter-Finals): Exonia 4-1 Kingsley; Plymouth 5-0 Budleigh;

Top Club: (Quarter-Finals): South Hams 3.5-1.5 Honiton; Torbay 3-2 Mid Devon

Top Club (Round-1): Honiton 5-0 Dawlish; Plymouth 3-2 Torquay; Torbay 4-1 Madeira;

Top Club (Round-1): Isca v Exonia: Exonia through on w/o.

Charles Parrott (Final): Isca beat Exonia

Charles Parrott (Semi- Finals): Exonia 44-35 Madeira; Isca 50-30 Plymouth

Charles Parrott (Quarter-Finals): Exonia 43-25 Torbay; Madeira 35-32 Honiton; Budleigh 18-23 Isca;

Charles Parrott (Quarter Finals): Plymouth 37-33 South Hams

Charles Parrott (Round-1): Plymouth 37-36 Sidmouth; Exonia beat Torbay;

Charles Parrott (Round-1): Mid Devon 33-44 Exonia; South Hams 48-42 Kingsley;

Charles Parrott (Round-1): Budleigh beat Dawlish; Honiton beat Torquay United