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County Tour March 2020



Bowling at 4 Venues (between March 6th and 9th 2020)

Staying at the Hotel Trouville Bournemouth


2021 DCIBA Tour Cancelled 18/10/20

DCIBA Tour Organizer Larry Croxford has advised as follows:-

It is with regret that we must cancel next years tour in March. The plan is to move the same tour to March 2022. This is due to the Covid19 problem. Those who have paid a deposit are free to receive a refund, or leave it to carry over to 2022.

Once again, we must apologise for this, but it is in the interest of safety for all.

Emails can be addressed to, or phone 07936 325332.

Regards to all. Larry



The first three matches on this Tour will be GREYS with county shirt, but Taunton Dean will be in Whites.

The Coach leaves Exonia at 10am on Friday 6/3.

Larry Croxford    Tour Organizer