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Dorset Farmers' Markets



Leakers Bakery

Award winning bakery, kitchen and shop based in Bridport, Dorset. Much at Leakers Bakery has changed since its establishment in 1914: Loaves are still slow-mixed and baked on the premises in the traditional brick-floored ovens without additives. The bakery offers a range of everyday, wheat-free and speciality breads including cheese and Cider Cottage, Sunflower Spelt and Floored Cobber granary. The Leakers Kitchen uses the finest local and seasonal ingredients to make a range of delicious fillings soups and deli-salads as well as tasty cakes and savouries.

Oxfords Bakery

Oxfords Bakery, established in 1911, are a fourth generation bakers. Arguably the most popular bakery in the county, they continually produce magnificent traditional English bread and cakes. Traditional freshly baked breads and English cakes, hand made every morning. From traditional Cottage loaves to Eccles cakes, long ferment malted wheat breads to Chelsea buns and their outstanding bread pudding. The Bread is mixed, hand moulded and baked in a slow, old fashioned way that ensures the flavour and texture you would expect from some of the nicest bread in the country.

The Baking Bird

Everything is hand prepared by Lizzie, who is based in Upwey Dorset, using local seasonal produce to make a range of savoury and sweet goods. The range of savoury edibles include: Wild Garlic or Piddle Rarebit Bruschetta, Spicy Dahl and Potato Pasties, Mixed Bean and Coastal Cheddar Espanadas, Cavalo Nero and Cannelini Bean Calzone, savoury pasties. Everything is made from scratch such as the puff pastry for our wild garlic pesto cheese straws, croissant dough, and puff pastry for Eccles cakes or turnovers, Danish pastry dough.

Tricky Treats

Tricky Treats is a fresh young Bournemouth based company creating alternative cakes and desserts for both private and commercial clients. Tricky Treats is also happy to create delicious cakes and desserts for special diets such as diabetics, gluten free and vegan.


Denhay Farms Ltd

Denhay Farms is based in West Dorset in the mild climate of the Marshwood Vale, three miles from the sea immediately inland from Lyme Bay. There are five herds of cows and we use only their milk to make our West Country Farmhouse Cheddar Cheese. We are passionate about the quality and consistency of our products and this quality has been recognised by all the UK’s top food awards. We have been making award-winning West Country Farmhouse Cheddar at Denhay Farm since 12th June 1959. Using traditional skills and techniques employed in the Marshwood Vale and the West Country for generations, we are committed to producing a high quality, consistent cheese which has resulted in Denhay Cheddar winning top cheese awards for many years. We make traditional 27kg rounded truckles, 20kg blocks of our unique kg mini traditional, known as Dorset Drums. We only use our own milk, hand-make our Cheddar on the farm and then mature each cheese for around a year. This attention to detail and use of traditional skills contributes to Denhay Cheddar’s distinctive.

Silverthorne Farm Free Range Eggs

Silverthorne farm is a small family run business on the Dorset / Somerset border. Our hens have unrestricted access to around 3 acres of orchards and 30 acres of pastureland, which they share with horses. We also have 178 solar panels and over 100 trees that provide shelter for the hens as well as helping to offset our carbon footprint. We pride ourselves on ensuring our hens are happy healthy, and free to roam and behave naturally. We have 14,000 Lohmann Brown free range chickens spread over two flocks, so we can produce and supply eggs all year round.

Woolsery Cheese

Woolsery Cheese is a small family business established originally in Devon in 1992, taking its name from the small hamlet where we started with a herd of dairy goats, moving to a larger Dairy in Dorset in 2000. We produce a range of delicious award winning goat’s milk and cow’s milk and cheeses using fresh good quality milk from local herds. All our cheeses are handmade using traditional methods and our hard cheeses are naturally matured to give them good flavour. We pasteurise all the milk before turning it into cheese and all our cheeses are suitable for vegetarians.


Bridge Farm Cider

Bridge Farm has been making award winning artisan cider and single variety apple juice for more than 20 years. At Bridge Farm we have five acres of orchards planted for the distinctive varietal flavors of the apples. We harvest press and bottle all the ciders on the farm and can regularly be found at Bridport Farmers market and at country shows across Dorset throughout the spring and summer. At Bridge Farm we have a well-stocked farm shop, selling our full range of bottled ciders and apple juices. You may also purchase cider direct from the barrel. 

Dorset Coffee

The Dorset Coffee Company was formed in 1998. Since then we have only selected the highest quality raw coffee and roasted it to perfection. Situated in the picturesque Frome Valley at Duck Farm, Dorset Coffee roasts in small batches, no timers, no automatic roasts and definitely no computers to control things. Every single coffee is selected and roasted by hand, using sight, sound and smell, this enables our Masteroaster Nigel Green to produce each coffee to the highest standard.

Dorset Honey and Cider

Crabbs Bluntshay Farm is a 65 acre farm in the Marshwood Vale in West Dorset. We have a small herd of suckler cows and beef animals and three orchards from which we gather apples to make cider in the autumn and chutneys all the year round. Pumpkins, marrows and other vegetables along with sweet peas, dahlias, sunflowers and chrysanthemums are grown in the cottage garden for producing chutneys and cut flowers at the farmers markets. Sheep also graze on the grass keep. Geese are reared from May to produce Christmas dinners.

Elwell Fruit Farm

There are currently over 30 varieties of apple and pears grown on the farm. With so many different flavours and textures there is something to suit everyone’s tastes. When we began selling at farmers’ markets in Dorset it became apparent that our customers like being able to buy varieties from us that are not available from most supermarkets or greengrocers. In order to satisfy these customers we have planted an area of the farm with unusual, often old-fashioned varieties which are being well received.


Mere Fish Farm

The farm at Mere is situated where the Wiltshire chalk downs meet the Kimmeridge clay causing an abundance of natural springs to rise forming chalk streams, perfect water quality for fish farming. We rear the fish from eggs taking 1 year before they have grown to a portion sized fish and another year to 4lb smoking size fish. All our fish are fed on the highest quality fish food in pure natural spring water and we ensure that there is little delay between ‘pond and plate’ as they are despatched only a few feet from the ponds and then into the smokery, some to be sold as fresh and some to be salted and smoked.

Fruit & Veg:

DGJ Tanner

We grow nearly 20 different fruit and vegetables and these are selected for their flavour and not shelf life. Our season tends to start in April when our fabulous Asparagus is ready, then carries on through until the end of October when we finish with Pumpkins. All of our fruit and vegetables are grown for both pick your own and ready picked purposes so you will find items such as Asparagus, Rhubarb, Strawberries, Gooseberries, Black/Redcurrants, Black/Redberries, Potatoes, Broad Beans, Runner Beans, Courgettes, Sweetcorn and Pumpkins all available at various times throughout our season.

Dorset Honey and Cider

Elwell Fruit Farm


Filberts Bees Ltd

All of our products contain Dorset beeswax and are free from synthetic perfumes and mineral oils. We don’t see the need to use water, so there’s no need for emulsifiers and therefore no artificial preservatives our products. This means our skin care cosmetics aren’t soggy creams, but are firm (…or sometimes buttery) salves and balms. Unless you’ve got a spare 10 minutes to luxuriate, allowing them to soak in, the salves are all best applied with a little water.


Angel Cottage Organics

At Angel Cottage Organics we produce award winning chicken (Best Dorset Food Produce 2013, Great Taste Gold Awards 2012 & 2013 and Taste of the West 2012) as well as turkey and goose for Christmas. Based at Haddon Copse Farm - a 30 acre farm at Fifehead Neville near Sturminster Newton - our chickens are certified organic by the Soil Association and enjoy long, happy lives free ranging on fresh pasture eating grass, bugs and a mix of organic grains. Their outdoor lives means they produce meat of great flavour and texture which we think you’ll find truly delicious.

Cool Farm Grass Fed Beef

Cools Farm is on the Wiltshire/ Dorset border just north of Shaftesbury. It is an organic farm owned by the Edwards family since 1970 and has a herd of Red Poll cattle. This British breed is on the At Risk register of Rare Breeds. It is a dual purpose breed and ideal for maturing on grass alone. Our cattle are not fed corn to fatten them, so the meat is rich in Omega 3 and beneficial fatty acids.

Denhay Farms Ltd

L & C Game

L & C Game are specialists in fine game, supplying both trade and the general public. We are situated in the heart of the rolling hills of Dorset, surrounded by some of the most fertile picturesque countryside in England. All our stock are born and bred on these very hills and byways. All our venison is wild. We prepare all the meat ourselves, including smoking and curing plus making sausages to our own recipes. We also have developed our own cures including a sweet cure for meats, using demerara sugar and organic honey.

Wyld Meadow Farm

Award winning West Country Free Range Lamb and Beef. Wyld Meadow Farm is set in beautiful West Dorset, part of Thomas Hardy's Wessex that inspired the great writer and poet. Our family has farmed sheep here using traditional methods for generations. We take great pride and care in our animals and their welfare is of the utmost importance. All our sheep and beef are reared naturally, grazing on prime Dorset meadowland and they live on a chemical free diet. Most of our sheep are Poll Dorset which can breed at anytime of the year. This means that our own fresh Dorset lamb is available throughout the year. Our beef herd is Aberdeen Angus crossed onto a Devon.


Dorset Honey and Cider

Marcus Dancer Plants

I have been involved in growing and producing plants since I left school. I trained at Hillier Nurseries and then went to Merrist Wood Agricultural College to study horticulture. I have been running my own nursery for the last 30yrs. You are assured that all plants are grown to a high standard produced on the nursery. Specialist producer of clematis and climbers including evergreens, winter, spring and summer flowering. In 2011 I will be introducing a range of choice shrubs and herbaceous perennials by popular demand. Please contact to discuss your specific requirements.

Warden Hill Farm

We are a family run, traditional plant nursery.   Our aim is to provide high quality products at truly competitive prices. We were really proud to win a Gold Medal at Dorchester County show in 2011.  It was our first try at a show garden and everything was produced by us apart from the table!  Pictures are on our web-site. We pride ourselves on providing excellent customer service so whether it’s discussing your planting or paving requirements or helping you load your car, we are happy to help and assist. We produce a good range of plants & paving together with supplying good quality dry logs.

Prepared Food:

Emily's Kitchen

Emily’s Kitchen is a family business started in July 2008 by Gary and Pauline Bate operating from their home. We take the finest local ingredients and produce a range of curries and spicy ready meals for two people. Most of the range is also Gluten and Dairy Free. We also produce a range of spice mixes and gift bags which contain spice mixes and recipes for the enthusiastic home cook.

The Dorset Pie Company

The Dorset Pie Company seeks to provide anyone who has an appreciation for a good pie (and convert those of you who don't!) with the very best quality handmade pies. Each pie is lovingly made and eaten with pleasure!


Dorset Honey and Cider

Parrett Preserves

Small ‘one producer’ business. Everything made by myself at my home, using either our own or locally sourced fruit and veg. Products include jams, jellies, marmalades, chutney and pickles, bottles fruits and other seasonal specialities.

The Baking Bird


Filberts Bees Ltd

The Dorset Pie Company

Wyld Meadow Farm