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Country Fair

An event like the Country Fair does not happen by itself and there is a committee that meets to ensure that everything is prepared for the day each year. The committee meets in the 5 or 6 months prior to the Fair and we each have a set of tasks which we share, hoping to cover all foreseeable eventualities. 

Why not consider joining the committee and getting involved in this key village event. You will be most welcome. If you have any queries, questions, requests, or are interesting in helping out, please get in touch with:

Chair - Mary Hornby-Patterson  01489 878800
Stalls - Vicki Hunt 07930 895855

It is with sadness that we have to tell you that there will be no country fair this year.  

We have thought long and hard, reluctantly concluding that we cannot run the fair, retaining it's essence and character in a way that guarantees compliance with current government guidelines ensuring that we keep everyone in our community safe. 

On a positive note, we are looking forward to running our famous bar at the Droxford picnic on the 28th August. 

We are actively looking for new people to join the team.  The AGM will be held in January, details nearer the time, we look forward to seeing you there.  Do contact me if you have any questions.  Signed:  Mary, Droxford Country Fair Committee 01489 878800