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The Chairs Blog

April 2020

With the outbreak of CONVID-19 the Council are working closely with The Romney Marsh Support Hub supporting the elderly and the isolated in the Parish, the community are pulling together and it is good to see how we are all supporting each other.

I would like to say a big thankyou to the many dedicated and talented key workers and volunteers who live in our village, they are supporting and caring for many families near and far during this time of turmoil for many of us. I would also like to thank all local businesses that are working hard to keep supplies coming into the village and the shelves filled, many are offering a delivery service to ensure everyone is being looked after .

The parish councillor would like to take this opportunity to share with you the great work that has been accomplished over this last year, you would of noticed the hanging baskets that brightened up the village during the summer, a big thank you goes to the beavers who did great job filling the planters by the main carpark, we also said goodbye to Heather Bateman & Sue Dempsey who retired as Beaver Leaders at the end of last they gave many years of dedicated to service to the Scouts.

The Parish council hosted a welcome reception for our French Guests of the Dymchurch & District Twinning Association, in September, we also hosted drop in session through the summer months supporting and promoting many local groups we had some superb displays from The Dymchurch Heritage group & The Day of Syn. We also provided drop-in sessions for Neighbourhood watch, Alzheimer’s Friends, and the Fire Service safe & well visits.

Finally I would like to say that we are extremely pleased as a Council to say that Recreation Ground has now been saved and is now officially “field in trust” which will protect the Rec open space for future generations to enjoy, we look forward to working with The Friends of Dymchurch Rec in restoring the Pavilion to its former glory and provide the village with a superb asset, without the support of the village who voted this council in this would not of been possible. Thank You.

I wish you all well in the coming months, stay safe.

Best wishes