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DAF Site

March 2021

DAF site: SODC Reference P20/S4801/RM

Please note that Thame Town Council’s (TTC) application for statutory review of the proposed development at the former DAF Trucks Ltd site was dismissed. TTC was attempting to avoid loss of the site for employment purposes in accordance with the policies of the Thame Neighbourhood Plan. Permitted development rights brought into being by national legislation had a substantial influence in the decision- based on a previous application to convert offices into flats. The latter will no longer be constructed but replaced by:

The development of 1511 sqm of offices and up to 129 dwellings. A 68-bed care home is proposed with associated access, vehicular parking, landscaping, ancillary infrastructure and other works. The 129 residential dwellings (constructed by Bellway) aim to provide the following dwelling and tenure mix:

1.Two-storey market housing consisting of:

• 27 x 2-bedroom houses;

• 56 x 3-bedroom houses;

• 12 x 4-bedroom houses; and

• 3 x 1-bedroom and 3 x 2-bedroom apartments across three storeys


2. Two-storey affordable housing consisting of:

• 9 x 2-bedroom houses;

• 6 x 3-bedroom houses; and

• 6 x 1-bedroom and 7 x 2-bedroom apartments across three storeys.

Affordable housing is below the Local Plan requirement of 40% but has been allowed under specific legislation that applies to this development. Density will be at 41.6 dwellings per hectare, slightly below the new Local Plan’s 45 but well in excess of the previous standard of 25. Residents will observe the impact of this change.

The 129 dwellings will contribute to the achievement of 339 dwellings specified for Thame in the new SODC Local Plan but there will be an impact on the assessment and location of new employment locations.

In terms of car parking, 193 car parking spaces are allocated to housing plot and a further 4, allocated within garages. A further 81 spaces will be provided across the rest of the site without specific allocation.

A total of 0.32 hectares of public open space will be provided across the whole of the application site.

The ETRA committee