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Village Design Statement

What is a village design statement?

It is a document to record the features that are seen by the local community as contributing to the distinctiveness of Woolton Hill and the East Woodhay Hamlets.

The Village Design Statement (VDS) is produced by residents, not the Parish Council, after widespread consultation.

It reflects local opinion about a number of aspects including the built environment, the natural environment, views and open spaces, commercial facilities and recreational facilities of East Woodhay Parish as a whole.

Using text and pictures, it records the important features which should be maintained or enhanced.

It provides guidelines to support the planning process by assisting property owners, the Parish Council, Basingstoke and Deane Borough Council, utility companies, and potential developers to maintain or enhance the distinctiveness of Woolton Hill and the East Woodhay Hamlets by making informed decisions.

This Village Design Statement was adopted by Basingstoke and Deane Borough Council on 15th December 2005 as informal planning and design guidance, pursuant to Objective 8 of the Basingstoke and Deane Local Plan Review.

East Woodhay Parish Village Design Statement

VDS.01.06.06.pdf File Uploaded: 5 February 2019 2.3 MB