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Welcome to Edmondley Parish Councils website.

Edmondsley is situated in the township of Chester le Street, 5 miles from Durham City.  Coal mining once provided the village's main source of employment, but the last mines in the area had closed by the mid-1980s.   It  borders the parish's of Waldridge and Sacriston, along with the rolling landscapes over Waldridge Fell.  It has a population of 543 at 2011 census.  It is a very small village, but has a large surrounding area, covering Blackhouse and Twizell.

It consists of a post office, which is the hub of the village, the Parish Hall, which the Parish Council own and run, a local primary school and a garden nursery.  Just on the outskirts is Mini Moos, which is an all weather attraction, who specialise in super cute miniature animals & massive play activities.

In recent years, there was development of the reed beds water filtration system.  The water from the Congburn river used to run through the old mine workings and bubble-up copper red in colour.

There were experiments done in various sites throughout Europe, but eventually Edmondsley was chosen as the best place to site them.  It worked brilliantly, as all the “rusty” water has disappeared.  The coal board owned the field where the reed beds are now sited.

The old streets of houses in Blackhouse were demolished in approx 1979 and then Jubilee close; Edmondsley was built, mainly to house the occupants of these properties.

Also, a Chapel used to be sited along the road from Rose Cottages / Appledore Gardens.

There are bungalows there now which were constructed in approx 1980/81 and they are (more or less) built on the old site of the chapel.

The Parish used to host two public houses, the Fleece and the Charlaw, unfortunately both have closed in recent years. 




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