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Emsworth Bowling Club

Club Administration

Our club is administered by the Management Committee and the General Management Committee.

Members of these committees are elected each year at the Annual General Meeting which is held in November.

Any member can be re-elected with the exceptions of the President and Vice-President.  These positions are held for one year such that one year the post will be held by a male, the following by a female member of the club, the next by a male and then a female  and so on.  This does not preclude a member who has served one year as President from serving for another term at a later date.


                                                                                  Management Committee.

                                                                                Club President - Josephine Durant

                                                                        Club Vice-President - Mick O'Reilly

                                                                                   Club Captain - Dick Parry

                                                                      Club Hon. Secretary - Jane Johnston

                                                                      Club Hon. Treasurer - Martin Roberts


                                                                          Elected Members - Heather Gale

                                                                                                         - Sue Wood


                                                                                               Club Officers

                                                                          Match Secretary - Paul Galea

                                                               Competition Secretary - Paul Wood

                                                                       Catering manager -

                                                                    Assistant Treasurer - Rosie Harris

                                                                      Assistant Secretary - Pat Priestley

                                                                              Green Ranger - Richard Suter


                                                                                    Ladies' Section

                                                                                    Captain - Judy Emerson

                                                                            Vice Captain - Sally Parry

                                                                                 Secretary - Jane Johnston


                                                                                      Men's Section

                                                                                 President - Mick O'Reilly

                                                                                    Captain - Allan Leppard

                                                                            Vice Captain - Merv Netley

                                                                                 Secretary - Jack Llewellyn


                                                                                    General Committee

The General Committee meets at least twice a year and is comprised of all the Management Committee and Officers of the club.