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Emsworth Bowling Club

2018 Competitions Results


                                                            2018 Competition Results 

See photos on pages:                     2018 Club Comp  1 and 2


Club Competitions.                    2018 Winners 

Ladies Two Woods          Winner:   Jennie Wood                       Runner-up:    Sue Wood

Men's Two Woods           Winner:   Jeff Davies                           Runner-up:    Paul Forster

Ladies Four Woods         Winner:   Rosie Harris                        Runner-up:    Sue Wood

Men's Four Woods          Winner:   Richard Suter                     Runner-up:    Paul Forster

Handicap                          Winner:    Paul Forster                        Runner-up:   Heather Gale

John Durant Trophy      Winner:    Wendy Middleton             Runner-up:    Jean Shaw

Ladies Pairs:                    Winner:            Jennie Wood/Rosie Harris                                                                                                                                                             Runners-up    Bobbie Percival/Julia Minay                                   

Men's Pairs:                     Winners:         Peter Smith/Paul Forster                                                                                                                                                              Runners-up:   Mervyn Netley/Brian O'Kane                   

Mixed Pairs:                    Winners:          Julia Minay/Mick O'Reilly                                                                                                                                          Runners-up:    Sue Wood/Paul Wood

Australian Pairs:           Winners:           Sue Wood/Heather Gale                                                                                                                                                 Runners-up:     Leslie Mayhead/Peter Mayhead





Men's 4 Woods                           Paul Galea                                              

Ladies' 4 Woods                          Sue Wood                                              

Men's 2 Woods                           Phil Tamba                                      

Ladies' 2 Woods                          Sue Wood                                             

Men's Pairs                                 Paul Forster,  Phil Tamba

Ladies' Pairs                                Josephine Durant,  Sue Wood         

Mixed Pairs                                  Bobbie Percival,  Merv Netley

Australian Pairs                          Norman Wilson,  Peter Smith

Weekend Triples                        Cockles

John Durant                                Sue Wood




The Club Competition Rules.