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Emsworth Bowling Club







Stewards please note that if one of your dates is in heavy type, you are lead steward for that week.

You might think it worthwhile to remind those members who are stewards during your reign of terror

of the days on which they are on duty.

Stewards, it is most important that you fulfill your duties in order to allow our club to run efficiently.

Should a situation arise when you are not able to do so, please contact another member who will swap duty days with you.

Your precise duties are set out in the Stewards Book on the desk.

If you are unsure of the duties please seek clarity from an established club member.

Stewards Duty Dates

Men Apr to May May to July July to Aug Aug to Sept

Tamba Philamon

April 15th

May 30th

July 14th

Aug 28th

Valentine Michael

April 16th

May 31st

July 15th

Aug 29th

Vinall David

April 17th

June 1st

July 16th

Aug 30th

Warlow Colin

April 18th

June 2nd

July 17th

Aug 31st

Wiggins Geoffrey

April 19th

June 3rd

July 18th

Sept 1st

Wilson Norman

April 20th

June 4th

July 19th

Sept 2nd

Wilson John

April 21st

June 5th

July 20th

Sept 3rd

Wood Paul

April 22nd

June 6th

July 21st

Sept 4th

Woolar Ray

April 23rd

June 7th

July 22nd

Sept 5th

Bartlett Bert

April 24th

June 8th

July 23rd

Sept 6th

Beck Derrick

April 25th

June 9th

July 24th

Sept 7th

Biggs Jim

April 26th

June 10th

July 25th

Sept 8th

Brobyn Allen

April 27th

June 11th

July 26th

Sept 9th

Clark Colin

April 28th

June 12th

July 27th

Sept 10th

Copley Leslie

April 29th

June 13th

July 28th

Sept 11th

Davies Jeff

April 30th

June 14th

July 29th

Sept 12th

Davies Barrie

May 1st

June 15th

July 30th

Sept 13th

Easton David

May 2nd

June 16th

July 31st

Sept 14th

Fletcher Douglas

May 3rd

June 17th

Aug 1st

Sept 15th

Forster Paul

May 4th

June 18th

Aug 2nd

Sept 16th

Frost David

May 5th

June 19th

Aug 3rd

Sept 17th

Fuller Chris

May 6th

June 20th

Aug 4th


Galea Paul

May 7th

June 21st

Aug 5th


Greenlees Ben

May 8th

June 22nd

Aug 6th


Hall Robert

May 9th

June 23rd

Aug 7th


Hall Keith

May 10th

June 24th

Aug 8th


Hambleton Ken

May 11th

June 25th

Aug 9th


Hardman John

May 12th

June 26th

Aug 10th


Hazell Tony

May 13th

June 27th

Aug 11th


Jarckyk Richard

May 14th

June 28th

Aug 12th


Lee Allan

May 15th

June 29th

Aug 13th


Leggett Derek

May 16th

June 30th

Aug 14th


Leppard Allan

May 17th

July 1st

Aug 15th


Llewellyn Jack

May 18th

July 2nd

Aug 16th


Mills Roger

May 19th

July 3rd

Aug 17th


Netley Mervyn

May 20th

July 4th

Aug 18th


O'Kane Brian

May 21st

July 5th

Aug 19th


Oldaker Bryan

May 22nd

July 6th

Aug 20th


O'Reilly Michael

May 23rd

July 7th

Aug 21st


Parry Richard

May 24th

July 8th

Aug 22nd


Percival Tony

May 25th

July 9th

Aug 23rd


Priestley Ron

May 26th

July 10th

Aug 24th


Roberts Martin

May 27th


Aug 25th


Smith Peter

May 28th

July 12th

Aug 26th


Suter Richard

May 29th

July 13th

Aug 27th