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Essendine Parish Council

Parish Council Precept


The 'precept' is a sum of money collected through the council tax, which is used by the Parish Council to maintain and improve facilities and services for the village.

Parish Council Precept 2016-2017

After reviewing the current finances and allowing for future payments the balance of the Parish Council's fund at the end of the financial year was £7,874.

The Precept for 2016-17 has been set at £8,500. This is a decrease of £500 compared to the Year 2015-16.

The Parish has several routine and regular items that it must pay for, in addition there are extraordinary items that we need to finance from time to time.

The funding source for this is termed the Parish Precept and is a small portion of the Council Tax levied by Rutland County Council and then passed to the Parish Council each tax year.

Details of this are part of the regular minutes published and are open for discussion at Parish Council meetings.

The only other funding source comes by way of specific donations or grants which are usually targeted at individual projects. More »

In 2014 the precept was £5900, last year there was a significant increase to £9000 in order to help with the cost of installing Speed Interactive Signs at both ends of the village. There was no doubt that these signs were needed as part of the effort to reduce the general speed of traffic to nearer the legal limit.

We were all very disappointed that it subsequently took until September the 29th to get them installed and even more disappointed that the solar powered sign at the west end of the village started to fail almost immediately after. The supplier has attempted repair but unsuccessfully.

The good news is that Rutland County Council has now agreed to have this sign mains connected to overcome the problem, no date for that yet but we expect it to be sooner rather than later.

The Parish Council had hoped to propose the 2016 precept be returned to something more like the 2014 level but find we have to spend an unexpected amount on the play area. This area gets a lot of use in the warmer months and the work is needed to ensure safety and well being of the users. The unexpected amount is over £2300.

The 2016 precept is set at £8500, which is lower than last year but not as low as we had hoped.