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Exbourne Neighbourhood Plan

2016 News

December 2016

The South West Devon Strategic Planning Team are holding "open drop-in sessions" in relation to the Joint Local Plan in The Burrow between 9.30 a.m. and 12.30 p.m. on Saturday 10th and Monday 19th December.  If you have any questions or concerns about the Joint Local Plan then these will be great opportunities to raise them.

November 2016

A new site is being considered for development in Exbourne by West Devon Borough Council, Plymouth City Council and South Hams District Council in their Joint Local Plan.  Some sites that were submitted for consideration have also been rejected.  You have an opportunity to comment on this as well as a topic paper on the distribution of development on their consultation portal at http://plymouth.objective.co.uk/portal/planning/jlp/.  The deadline for comments is 5.00 p.m. on 21 December 2016.

August 2016

A significant proportion of the respondents to last year’s Neighbourhood Plan questionnaire indicated that they felt more affordable housing was required in Exbourne.  West Devon Borough Council (‘WDBC’) is working with the Parish Council and the Neighbourhood Plan Group to identify the housing needs of the people of Exbourne.  A short survey was posted to all households in Exbourne with the August edition of the Parish Pump and the Neighbourhood Plan Group would be grateful if residents would take the time to respond.  It should only take a few minutes to fill in and can be placed in the “Election Box” in the Burrow when complete.  WDBC will collect the box on 31 August 2016.  If you have not received the survey and would like a copy then please then get in touch through the "Contact" link above..

July 2016

West Devon Borough Council (‘WDBC’) have decided to work together with Plymouth City Council and South Hams District Council to produce a single Local Plan covering their areas - a Joint Local Plan ('JLP').  The JLP will set out where potential development could take place and how the area will change through to 2034.  The Councils have launched a consultation in relation to various aspects of the JLP including their analysis of various sites that have been considered for development in Exbourne.  You have a chance to give your views by visiting WDBC’s website at http://www.westdevon.gov.uk/jointlocalplan and commenting before 12 August 2016.

The Neighbourhood Plan Group was hoping to hold a community consultation day in early Autumn (see below).  However, the Group feels it is premature to consult the community before the new JLP is published and, unfortunately, it is understood that a full draft is now not expected until October at the earliest.  Once the strategic development needs and policies of the JLP have been digested and understood, a new date for the consultation day will be set.

June 2016

On a glorious afternoon at the Exbourne Community Fete on 25 June, the Neighbourhood Plan stand was visited by many of those attending.  It was a great opportunity for the community to find out more about the Neighbourhood Plan and its progress.  The opportunity was also taken to promote a community consultation day planned for 24 September to help answer some questions and shape policy development.

Exbourne Neighbourhood Plan Old news
Exbourne Neighbourhood Plan Old news
Exbourne Neighbourhood Plan Old news

March 2016

Based on the questionnaire responses, a draft vision and aims have been created for the Neighbourhood Plan - see the "Vision and aims" link above.  The vision will be at the heart of the Neighbourhood Plan and, together with the Plan’s aims and objectives, will form a framework on which policies are developed.

February 2016

After a great deal of hard work the Neighbourhood Plan Group have produced a document analysing the community's responses to the vision, key themes and issues questionnaire which you can find through the "Documentation" link above

Based on the questionnaire responses, the Group will draft a vision and aims for the Neighbourhood Plan, which we will share in due course.

Don’t forget if you would like to join the Neighbourhood Plan Group or think you can contribute something towards it then get in touch through the "Contact" link above.

January 2016 - Our Plan Update / Call for Sites

West Devon Borough Council (“WDBC”) have recently issued a newsletter providing an update on the progress of “Our Plan”.  The Strategic Plan for West Devon is being revised, there is to be further consultation in July 2016, and independent examination is now unlikely to take place until Autumn or Winter 2016.  WDBC have also issued a fresh call for landowners who may have sites available for development to get in touch by 22 February.  You can find the newsletter at http://www.westdevon.gov.uk/ourplan