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Fernwood Neighbourhood Plan

Fernwood NP Documents


NHP UPDATE - 20/8/2016

Thank you for all the comments made online as well as through the various consultation events and the paper based questionnaire.  Some concerns were voiced with regard to the maps showing areas where additional parking could be created. 

These potential parking areas were put forward by residents as ideas to overcome current parking issues in Fernwood and subsequently included in the plan as potential future improvements.  Due to the very negative comments being made by some of the residents and even after many attempts to explain the reasoning behind the ideas, it was felt that it would be pointless to pursue them any further and the maps and parking ideas were removed from the plan.

It was however suggested that a meeting be held to discuss parking and speeding issues in and around Fernwood which took place at the end of July.  Due to the fact that there were no residents in attendance at the meeting, it was decided that no further meeting would be organised to discuss the subject.


NHP UPDATE - 30/6/2016

Thank you for all the comments made so far and as a result, we have noted concerns with regard to the consultation questionnaire.

The team have reviewed the questionnaire and tailored it to better reflect the Neighbourhood Plan points listed, rather than a general overview questionnaire.

All previous comments have been saved and will be included in the post consultation review after 12/8/2016.

Residents that have already completed the previous questionnaire are invited to complete the revised one if they wish to do so. 

Online Questionnaire - No longer available



Downloadable Questionnaire - Once completed please hand to the Parish Clerk on Monday, Tuesday or Thursday Mornings between 09:00 - 13:00

Pre Submission Version Fernwood Neighbourhood Plan